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When the groundswell for something to change reaches critical mass; it finally changes. Not one second before; no matter how many people bang their heads into a wall. That’s the case for the “on again off again 165 lb division talk” in the UFC. When fighters put their feet down and draw a line in the sand things get done. Especially when it comes from those fighters at the top of the market. Hmmm….. sounds oddly like what a union does; doesn’t it? Does it boggle your mind that that’s the 1 thing they still  don’t agree on. MMA is like everything else; it has its issues.

DANA WHITE said HE wanted official weigh-ins to go back to evenings due to too many missing weight. Behind closed doors there was a lot of fighter push back. Notice how weigh-ins are still in the morning; giving fighters more valuable time to re-hydrate. Mission Accomplished. Dana; who whether you like him or not, agree with him or not, is a life long combat sports (and other sports) fan. When he says there will “ABSOLUTELY NEVER BE A 165 LB DIVISION IN THE UFC”; has some good bullet points against it. However; the times, they are a changin’.

170 lb welterweights is a legends division. Been there since day one. Obviously a 165; wouldn’t fit in a world where there’s a 170 division. Plenty of fighters have argued for it though. It would force a 2nd move; turning welterweight to 175. Which would follow the boxing pattern of every 10 pounds: 125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185. You can keep the next at 205 or add a 195 in a few years based on the success of 165. Guys like KEVIN LEE, VICK, CERRONE, GAETHJE, MASVIDAL, GUNNAR NELSON and others put their names behind their feelings. With the MSG card a month away POIRIER and NATE DIAZ have come together and said they’re fighting for a 165 belt. The division could be put together inside of a month and would work smoothly. Yes 155 and 180 no doubt would be slimmed down; but it won’t break them. It’ll in fact also give those unranked fighters the opportunities they have pleaded for; being ranked. No disrespect to CYBORG; it’s not her doing; but the UFC still doesn’t even list or acknowledge a woman’s featherweight division.

But now the man at the very top of the mountain has weighed in (pardon the pun)CONOR MCGREGOR; in speaking with “THE MAC LIFE” people said he’s totally in favor of it. Conor means monstrous dollars to the company. Whether that makes some fans ticked off is just too bad. He’s a trend setter, and he may have just helped to tip the scales in a 165 favor. In the long run it helps the company immensely. After all; for a PPV (if ESPN keeps that main card format is inconsequential); they NEED title shots. And without “making up” interim belts; new divisions is the next best thing. Plus it helps keep fighters healthier. Especially since there will be more cards under the ESPN contract. The science and technology we have no is far superior to what we had just 5-8 years ago. It’s the smart move, and it’s a financially important one.


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