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2017 Fantasy Football Quarterback Strategy

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It’s been 55 days since I hoisted my fantasy football championship belt and just 21 days since the football season ended and I am already feeling for a football fix. I’m already coming up with my fantasy football strategy, and I’m thinking about quarterbacks that I can get in the later rounds.

There could be a quarterback carousel this year, to include New England trading Jimmy Garoppolo to Cleveland, and Kirk Cousins could be a 49’er. And what will the Dallas Cowboys do with Tony Romo? Will he fly to Chicago’s windy city, or will he be in Texas forever as a Texan? And don’t forget about Denver, if he does become a Bronco, I will jump on board. Jay Cutler could land with the Jets, but I’m not touching that in fantasy. What about Tyrod Taylor does he stay in Buffalo? Those are just a few scenarios that could play out and make for some late quarterback draft picks in fantasy football.

So, I am thinking about possibly pairing Dak Prescott with Tony Romo. I think Romo will be playing with a chip on his shoulder. Or, I could draft Matt Ryan and Romo, or Aaron Rodgers. Does Cam Newton bounce back and what about Andrew Luck? These are all possibilities.

I’m all about getting a stud running back in the first round, and maybe second round or possibly a wide receiver, if a stud falls to me that I can’t resist, but I would hate to miss on a top tier wide receiver like DeAndre Hopkins in Houston last year due to the atrocious play of quarterback, Brock Osweiler, that’s another one I’m not touching. I’d rather stick to targeting Pittsburgh superstar Le’Veon Bell like I did last year, or possibly last year’s rookie phenom Ezekiel Elliott or even Arizona’s work house, David Johnson.

There you have it, some fantasy football strategies right before free agency kicks off on March 9th. I hope the other fantasy football managers in my league aren’t reading this and stealing my strategy.


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