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2017 MLB Playoff Preview

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After two tremendous wild card games which saw both favored teams pick up exciting victories, we have now arrived at the Division Series. The final eight teams will now do battle in the best of five series to see who advances to League Championship Series and then finally, the World Series.

We have five returning teams from last year’s playoffs, including the defending champion Chicago Cubs. The Cleveland Indians are looking to exact some revenge and finally come away with the World Series crown after falling one game short against those Cubbies last year.

Your Division Series match-ups are as follows:

New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians

Houston Astros vs. Boston Red Sox

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Chicago Cubs vs. Washington Nationals

Who will be the winner of the 2017 World Series?

This field of teams is one of the most even I have ever seen. Cleveland and Los Angeles can arguably be the top two, it’s not a far cry to say we may get a 2001 World Series rematch between New York and Arizona, both wild card teams.

Here’s how I see this going down:

Indians in 4

Astros in 5

Diamondbacks in 4

Nationals in 5

League Championship Series – 

Astros in 6 over Indians

Diamondbacks in 7 over Nationals

World Series – 

Astros in 5 over Diamondbacks.

Justin Verlander will be your World Series MVP.


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