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2017 NFL Fantasy Football Season – First Look

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It is nearly July and training camps will be opening before we know it. I am getting daily reminders from the NFFC, where I will play all my fantasy leagues this season, and it is time to start draft preparation. 2016 was not a stellar year for me in either season long or daily fantasy football. While there were a few shining moments, the season as a whole was very disappointing. I have decided to abandon a live draft, high stakes league I have been in for years to focus completely on DFS and the NFFC. I am undecided how many season long leagues I want to be in, but I am targeting 3-5.

DFS and season long are very different animals and I think my DFS play hurt my overall season long results. You would think the more knowledge the better, but time was the key. I was spending 5-6 days a week on DFS from 5am-8am and more time at night when I got home from work. My season long leagues almost became an afterthought and I actually missed setting a lineup in one league which is something I have never done before. I have been playing season long for more years than I can remember with great success. The money that can be won in season long is great, but it pales in comparison to the weekly haul you can make on Draft Kings. This is why I decided to limit my play to just the NFFC with buy-ins of about a third of what I am used to. I will instead invest that money into my weekly DFS lineups. As usual, I am looking for the big score. Cash games do not suit me, and I plan to play very little of them.  I will focus on Max Entry, Single Entry, and smaller contests while still taking a few shots at the big money.

My DFS prep will begin around September 1st. For now, it is all about season long drafting. I took some horrible beats last year and chose far too many risky plays in the early rounds. My #1 goal this season is to hit 100% in my first 3 rounds. I want players with a high floor that have decent upside. I will not take a QB in the early rounds. I will look to grab them after round 7 or 8 depending on the trends for that draft. I will also avoid most rookies, especially those in the first 5-6 rounds as I do not think anyone in this crop with have an earth shattering year like Elliott did in 2016. I plan to stock the cupboards with solid, proven talent early on and take my chances at the back end of my drafts hoping to grab those diamonds in the rough.

I took a look at fantasypros.com to see where the current ADP is on the top 36 players and I have noted their rankings in parenthesis to the right of the player on my personal ranking list below. I also listed at the end some sleepers outside of my top 36 that I am keeping an eye on, those outside of my top 36 that fantasypros.com had listed, and six QB’s I am targeting later in drafts. While this is a very early sketch, I hope to get my first draft in the books the weekend of 7/8-7/9. I will respond to any comments and feedback on my twitter @CHRISBOUCHARD88.


  1. David Johnson (1)
  2. LeVeon Bell (2)
  3. Odell Beckham Jr. (6)
  4. Ezekiel Elliott (3)
  5. Julio Jones (5)
  6. Mike Evans (8)
  7. A.J. Green (9)
  8. DeVonta Freeman (11)
  9. Jordan Howard (16)
  10. Antonio Brown (4)
  11. LeSean McCoy (7)
  12. Jay Ajayi (14)
  13. DeMarco Murray (13)
  14. T.Y. Hilton (15)
  15. Todd Gurley (21)
  16. Marshawn Lynch (18)
  17. Melvin Gordon (12)
  18. Amari Cooper (23)
  19. Lamar Miller (26)
  20. Michael Thomas (17)
  21. Jordy Nelson (12)
  22. De Andre Hopkins (28)
  23. Brandon Cooks (27)
  24. Dez Bryant (19)
  25. Doug Baldwin (30)
  26. Carlos Hyde (35)
  27. DeVante Adams (NA)
  28. Alshon Jeffrey (29)
  29. Jarvis Landry (NA)
  30. Spencer Ware (NA)
  31. Tyreek Hill (NA)
  32. Eddie Lacy (NA)
  33. Allen Robinson (NA)
  34. Dontae Moncrief (NA)
  35. Rob Gronkowski (20)
  36. Sammie Watkins (NA)

Players outside of my TOP 36 list on FantasyPros.com

Aaron Rodgers (22), Leonard Fournette (24), Tom Brady (25), Christian McCaffrey (31), Demariyus Thomas (32), Isaiah Crowell (33), Drew Brees (34), Jordan Reed (36)

Players that may crack my Top 36 that I am focusing on

  1. Greg Olsen
  2. Stefon Diggs
  3. Jamison Crowder
  4. Dalvin Cook
  5. Martavis Bryant

QB’s I would like to get if still on the board then

Middle Rounds = Stafford, Newton, Luck

Late Rounds = Wentz, Tannehill, Bortles


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