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2018 Fantasy Football Keeper League Draft Results

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This weekend was my fantasy football keeper league draft and I think I nailed it. I have been commuting 1 hour and 45 minutes to work and that has given me a chance to listen to A LOT of fantasy football talk on Sirius radio. I have never been so prepared in my life.

In this leagues’ previous drafts, the teams dropping players picked at the end of the draft, so there was really no penalty for keeping players, however this year, the teams that dropped players lost their first-round pick for the first player kept, the second-round pick for the second player and third-round pick for their third kept player. This at least got the managers to keep only the top tier players and it leveled the playing field somewhat. I decided to drop all my players and just reset the team, which in turn guaranteed me the first pick in the first round. Here’s what I did with those picks, keep in mind 19 players are already off the board.

With the first pick in the 2018 Fantasy Football’s Best draft I took Saquon Barkley. I kind of think Barkley is going a little too high in the first round, especially because we haven’t seen what he can do in the NFL, but this essentially is the 20th pick in the draft. But, I also believe Barkley is a very special player. Barkley is a player that only comes around every few years if not every five to 10 years. He also catches the ball like a receiver too. I’m excited to welcome Barkley to Jerry’s Kids’ fantasy football team.

In the second round I picked up Joe Mixon. I am a firm believer that you can’t have too many great running backs on your team, especially backs that are the bell cow, if you will. I also think we haven’t seen the best of Mixon. We may not even know what Mixon is capable of. Dallas’ old offensive line coach Frank Pollack went to Cincinnati and I think he will make a difference there. We saw what Pollack could do during his time in Dallas and hopefully he can improve the Bengals’ O-line as well. I’m also very excited about welcoming Mixon to the team.

In round number three I picked Keenan Allen. It was time to get a non-running back player, which means a wide receiver. I almost picked Michael Thomas, but Allen had more points last year in this league with the way the settings are set up and I think Thomas wont duplicate what he did last year catching 104 receptions, for 1,245 yards and six touchdowns.

In the fourth round I picked Alex Collins to start in the flex spot.

In round five, I got Doug Baldwin. I’ve never had Baldwin before and he is in line for a HUGE year this year.

In the next round I got Royce Freeman, it’s just a matter of time until he surpasses Devontae Booker on the depth chart and is in line for a big year.

In round seven I picked up Jimmy Garoppolo, who may not see the field too much if it all works out the way I have it planned.

The next round saw me take David Njoku TE for the Cleveland Browns. I really like his upside and he was balling during the preseason. I am calling it, Njoku will have a breakout season this year.

In round nine, I selected Rex Burkhead. I’ve never had Burkhead on a team before. I normally try to stay away from Patriots’ players, they are very hard to predict in fantasy football, but Burkhead may prove to be very valuable during the season if some of my players get hurt or if some of the Patriots’ running back are injured.

In round ten I picked Andrew Luck. Luck looks like his is BACK ya’all. I’m so excited for Andrew Luck and the Colts. I will probably start Luck more than Garoppolo.

In the next round I selected Delanie Walker. The talk show I listen to, really talks Walker up, I just hope he can stay healthy.

Round 12 saw me take the L.A. Chargers defense. I don’t normally take a defense this high, but I want a defense I can just plug and play, and their defense is a top five fantasy defense.

In round 13 I took Kenny Stills as wide receiver depth.

In round 14 I selected Harrison Butker, again I don’t normally take a kicker until the very end of the draft, but there is a lot of depth in this draft and you are going to be able to pick up good players off the wire, so I chose to take a kicker that I don’t have to worry too much about and the Kansas City Chiefs will score A LOT of points this year, giving Butker a great chance to kick a lot of field goals.

And with the final pick in the 2018 Fantasy Football’s Best league draft, Jerry’s Kids picked Marqise Lee, who is out for the season with a knee injury, but don’t worry I already replaced him with Nelson Agholor.

I really love my team, but I got a C+ draft grade from the website, but what do they know!!

I’m such a fantasy football nerd-geek, I went and followed all my players on Twitter. I’m just hoping one or two will follow me back, hey Ray Lewis and Dana White follow me. Plus, I need the inside scoop on how they are feeling or how they think they will do. I need every advantage I can get.

Go Jerry’s Kids all the way to the Championship game.


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