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2018 Fantasy Football Rookie Running Backs

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It’s almost time, well I keep telling myself it’s almost time for fantasy football. But football is right around the corner and I am chomping at the bit to get started. At least the NFL draft is over and we can start talking draft though.

I’m in two fantasy football keeper leagues and I am not sure which players will be kept yet, but I can tell you who I am keeping in my MILPO league. What’s funny about this league is that a lot of the members have moved and now we are displaced. I think there are only two of the original members still left at home base.

Anyway, I will be keeping Todd Gurley (no brainer), Carson Wentz (another no brainer) and Travis Kelce. I don’t have many options at wide receiver to keep and Kelce is a top tight end.

Aside from the players that will already be on my team come draft time, there are some interesting rookie players to consider. I have the 8th pick in the draft and I’m considering taking a rookie running back, however, I don’t know who will be in the free agent pool to choose from either, but players like Saquon Barkley from Penn State, Rashaad Penny from San Diego State, Royce Freeman, from Oregon State and Ronald Jones from USC are going to be hard to pass up, since I don’t subscribe to the zero-running back theory at all. I believe in going RB early and often. Here’s my theory, how many running backs are the cow bell for their teams and how many wide receivers can you find in a draft? And what happens when your cow bell running back goes down with an injury or gets suspended?

The reason I listed Barkley, Penny, Freeman, and Jones and not other running backs like former LSU back Derrius Guice, Georgia’s Nick Chubb or Sony Michel , to name a few, is because the later listed group all have competition in front of them, but Barkley, Penny, Freeman, and Jones are going to win the starting jobs outright. But, I am certainly going to monitor training camps to make sure I get running backs with the most opportunities to get carries.

I know everyone is high on Barkley, he is the most rounded back in the draft, but I keep hearing about how Penny and especially Freeman will get more touches and possibly end up with more fantasy points than Barkley, so I am not 100 percent I will draft Barkley over the aforementioned Penny or Freeman, but then again, what if I could get my cake and eat it too, swipe up Barkley, then come back around and get Penny or Freeman? It’s worth a try. Again, this is before I know who is available with my 8th pick; there may be some one there that I just can’t pass up. When the K’s get put by the players and the rest are released, I’ll be sure to let you know who is there and I’ll probably even try and guess who will be there with my 8th pick. That’s the whole fun about a keeper league.

But for now this is just too wet your whistle and get you thinking about fantasy football. Stay tuned to see who’s in the fantasy draft pool and who I am going to pick.


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