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2018 Fantasy Football Stranger League Draft

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I did it! I couldn’t wait anymore! I joined a way-too-early fantasy football league where I don’t know any of the participants. I know it’s early and, half or worst-case scenario, all my players may get hurt, but that’s what makes it challenging.

I was randomly selected to pick at the end of the draft, so I have the 10th pick. The only good thing about the last pick in the draft is you get back to back picks every other round.

I commute 1 hour and 45 minutes to work. I know that’s a long way, but I do love my job, and on my way to work I get to listen to fantasy football talk on Sirius and I keep hearing how Meatloaf would kick my @ss if I was in the same league as him, so I put it out there. Meatloaf, I would accept the challenge to be in a fantasy football league with you and by the way, I like ketchup on my meatloaf, so bring it on.

Here’s how the stranger league draft went down:
With the 10th pick Jerry’s Kids chose Kareem Hunt. I am a big believer in taking running backs early. I don’t subscribe to the zero running back philosophy. I sure hope Meatloaf is not listening, because I don’t want to give any of my strategies away. Of course, all the top tier players were gone to include Todd Gurley, Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliott, DeAndre Hopkins, Alvin Kamara, Saquon Barkley, and Odel Beckham Jr. were picked in that order, so that left me with Hunt. I do find it interesting that Barkley is being picked in the top 10.

With the first pick in the second round, I couldn’t pass up Michael Thomas, sometimes I go RB, RB, but I wanted to pair a great RB with a great WR.

In the third round, I needed another RB, so I picked up Joe Mixon. My philosophy is you can never have too many starting RBs. I heard Mixon lost 20 pounds and is ready to go. I am somewhat concerned that Bernard Giovani will take too many carries away from Mixon, but Mixon should win the starting job outright…I hope! But I do have a back up plan.

In the fourth round I couldn’t pass up Derrius Guice. The fantasy football gurus I am listening to are talking Guice up. I hope they’re right. However, there is Chris Thompson recovering from a broken leg there, who is projected to be the third down back but, I see a lot of upside to Guice and his role with the Redskins.

Next, I chose Jack Doyle, I know I completely messed that pick up. I think what happened was that I didn’t scroll up on the TE list and I thought all the tight ends were gone, don’t worry I redeemed myself later with TE. Hey, that’s why I write for a website called Bonehead picks.

In round six, I picked up Mark Ingram. I know he is suspended for four games, that’s why I am so deep at RB. But when he comes back I’ll have Hunt, Mixon, Guice, Ingram, if one of these guys don’t work out or get’s hurt I have depth and I can put Ingram in the flex. That’s why I like to go heavy on RB.

In round seven I redeem myself at the TE spot with Delanie Walker. The fantasy football gurus are really talking him up big too. I hope they are right, but I am looking good with Walker, and Doyle.

Next, I take Carson Wentz. I waited until round eight and I still got my target Wentz. If Wentz is healthy, he is projected to have a huge year again. The QB position is stacked this year, so you don’t have to take a QB early.

In round nine I got Royce Freeman. I like to have RBs on the bench in case one gets suspended, or hurt or holds out, whatever you can think of.

Next, I chose Robert Woods, any receiver on the Rams team especially a starter is going to do great. The Rams are stacked this year.

In round 11, I took Patrick Mahomes. The QB position is stacked this year. You can get Aaron Rodgers early or wait and get Mahomes later. I even think you are getting a lot of value with Andrew Luck this year. I think he’s coming back and will be fine, and you can get him in the later rounds. He was taken in the ninth round in this league. Call me crazy, but I like Blake Bortles too. I know, but my point is there are QBs out there.

Next up, I took Rishard Matthews in round 12. I think that is a sexy pick. I think he’ll be good this year.

In round 13, I took Josh Doctson. I think Doctson is a player with upside and a steal in round 13.

Next, I took kicker Jake Elliott. The Eagles are going to score a lot of points. I hope all his points don’t come from extra points though. I need some field goals in there too.

And finally, with the last pick in the draft I took the Dallas Cowboys defense, don’t sleep on the Cowboys defense. I think they will be good this year, especially with Kris Richard coming from the Seattle Seahawks. There’s no more legion of doom, but we’re going to have to come up with a cool nickname for the Cowboys defense. I’ll work on that.

So, to recap in a way too early fantasy football stranger league, Jerry’s Kids drafted:
Kareem Hunt, Michael Thomas, Joe Mixon, Derrius Guice, Jack Doyle, Mark Ingram, Delanie Walker, Carson Wentz, Royce Freeman, Robert Woods, Patrick Mahomes, Rishard Matthews, Josh Dotson Jake Elliott, and the Dallas Cowboy defense.

If anyone sees Meatloaf, can you tell him to follow me on Twitter and let’s make this thing happen. Stay tuned to see how I do with this fantasy team and if Meatloaf will join a league with me.


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