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So with the end of 2017 many questions remain for the UFC. Some can be answered in 2018, some may take longer, while a couple will never be answered. Every division has it’s own drama, as does the company as a whole. However; after the critical lightweight fight between EDSON BARBOZA and  KHAIB NURMAGOMEDOV at UFC 219; an interesting idea has arisen.  All from someone’s art work of Khabib, Tony, and Conor all facing each other. The division’s championed by CONOR MCGREGOR who hasn’t been inside the cage since winning the belt from Eddie Alvarez for a multitude of reasons. Its interimed by TONY FERGUSON; who’s now out recovering from surgery. In his post fight presser; Khabib threw it out there that he’d fight both CONOR AND TONY on the same night. Now as crazy as that may sound; could, would, should that happen?

2018 is the company’s 25th anniversary. They have a special new logo, a tv contract that’s ending, new-ish owners that still need to make lots of money to pay off debt. So despite the 1st quarter of 2018 filling out right now and the rest of the year being worked on; there’s a need for something bigger and more memorable. Die hard since day one fans demand rankings be the be all end all; while the “new age” fans clamor for the big “blockbuster” type fights and cards, there IS a way to please all at the same time. Of course there is grandma’s old saying “you can’t please everyone all the time”. But there is……. a tournament. It’s where MMA has its beginnings. To have one in their silver anniversary year would be paying homage to their past, with the top ranked fighters, in blockbuster cards. It could theoretically please all; including shareholders, and possible future tv execs. PRIDE just had one for their bantam weights; which happened over the course of 3 days but 2 cards. BELLATOR is about to start their search for a new heavyweight champ in one over the course of the year. So why not the UFC do one for the division that has the most polarizing issues.

Whether it’s just one night, or over the course of a time period; it doesn’t matter. Although with the medical knowledge now-a-days; it’s less likely to happen in just one night. But doesn’t it leave your mouth watering if in one night (say in Russia or Hawaii; since there’s ground swell to go to both places) they’d do it. Just imagine: CONOR VS POIRIER, GAETHJE VS FERGUSON, KHABIB VS ALVAREZ, BARBOZA VS LEE. Winner fight winner, then the last two standing compete for a unified belt. Now you may burn the top of the division if it happened say in one night, but that gives way to the lower ranked fighters to get their dream shots while those guys recover over time.

Probably won’t happen; but man….. it is great to imagine it.


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