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Call him MARTY , call him NIGERIAN NIGHTMARE, call him KAMARU USMAN; but as of last night you call him champ. It happened after 5 suffocating rounds of total control over TYRON WOODLEY. With success comes distractions. It’s just the way it is. T-Wood has a lot going on; but the professional refuses to believe they were an excuse for his performance. Coaches DIN THOMAS and DUKE ROUFUS  pleaded with him to open up and let his hands fly. But early in the 2nd round Usman connected with a serious elbow which set the pace for the rest of the night.

It actually started before then with high leveled pressure from Kamaru backing the champ up the the cage and dominating him from the clinch. It was a scene repeated over and over again as Tyron had no answer for it. Woodley has some of the best takedown defense in the game. That’s statistical fact; not opinion. But he then got ragdolled and out wrestled. Once on the mat Kamaru clipped Tyron from mount and side control. The pair went shot-for-shot along the fence with Usman doing way more damage with rights to Tyron’s left ribs; forcing the champ to breathe heavy the rest of the way. He worked the body so much he set a UFC record with 192 body shots. When Woodley did land; Kamaru just kept coming forward right through them. It was by far one of the easiest matches to score on a night where there were more than just a couple of head scratching moments for officials. (Herb Dean in particular).

They include: ZABIT taking a unanimous decision over JEREMY STEPHENSROBBIE LAWLER‘s tap or not tap. While standout performances came from DIEGO SANCHEZJOHNNY WALKERMUNOZ, and ZHANG.

Whether you look at Tyron as one of the greatest welterweight champs ever or not; he was total class in the post fight press not making excuses. It did come to light however that Usman has a damaged leg. Despite that he said he wants to “f**k up Colby Covington really bad next as the former interim champ was sitting cageside. After celebrating in the cage with family Colby was taunting Usman as he left. The new champ made a move towards “Chaos”; but was stopped by UFC and arena security. When that finally happens with both fighters having great cardio and going at a high pace will be a great chess match up. After all; who doesn’t want to see if the welterweight division can be made great again.


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