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In just 5 1/2 weeks the UFC will no longer be part of the FOX SPORTS family. That’s just one of a multitude of changes in store for the “gold standard” organization. Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, to be well;….. frank; timed their sale perfectly. They procured arguably the best talent; in the cage and out, and did whatever it took to grow. Sure there are so many positives within the company still. But there’s glaring issues that you wonder; does an “entertainment company” even fully understand what they have. To say nothing of their dying outdated business model of pay-per-view.

Do they really need to hold every and all aces in the talent deck? No, but their roster at one point looked like a crazy strat-o-matic team. One can wonder aloud if the Fertitta’s were still running the show; would the FLYWEIGHTS be staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. Would they have allowed some of their pieces to be wooed by BELLATOR. 2019 will see without a doubt the biggest roster turnover in the company’s history. Gone is a full division (although not unlike the dropping of the lightweights for a while), between retirements, fighters being released, the possibility of another “trade” happening and young hungry lions coming up to devour old vets you may not recognize this UFC 365 days from today. One thing that’ll be a major part of that also will be fighters now being willing to be reborn in a division up the ladder. So the previously “unranked” will become “ranked”.

If champ-champ DANIEL CORMIER for example keeps his word and retires in March, 2 new champs are needed. We also by the way lose out in never seeing a JON JONES  trilogy, a rematch with STIPEVOLKAN, GUSTAFSSONANTHONY SMITHMANUWA, NGANNOU, or OVEREEM. If Tuivasa can take out JDS it’ll continue a youth charge. It won’t be Tito-Chuck; but the UFC is going down a similar path with ISRAEL ADESANYA fighting SPIDER SILVA. This all means 2019 will be the year of the youth movement. Mark Hunt is all but certain he’s gone. DJ traded, Eddie Alvarez gone, Sage Northcutt as well. A little less than half the middleweights MAY be on the chopping block. There are eight  “SIGNIFICANT FIGHTERS” NEARING the end of their contracts. Do they all go to greener pastures? Probably not. But it’s a safe bet some do. Those holes are filled by youth. And the fact of the matter is the UFC is now far from being the “only real game in town”. Bellator has made a quantum leap in their business model. One Championship is a player now, the PFL has got to be considered, RIZIN, Cage Warriors, and LFA will all be jackal like waiting in the wings to scavenge up the “scraps”.

Like the saying goes; “out with the old and in with the new”. Just be prepared UFC fans….. time for change is upon you.


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