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A Way Too Early Fantasy Football Draft

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I received an email from NFL.com the other day stating “welcome to NFL.com Fantasy Football 2017, the official Fantasy Football game of the NFL. This is email confirmation that you have created the team ‘blah blah blah’ to participate in an NFL-Managed league, where you will compete against other managers with the same settings as you.”  I went and did some research about what I got myself into and this was an auto draft league.  I hope I am not in over my head.

So I just ignored the email, because one, it’s way too early to have a draft and two I don’t remember signing up for a league. Then yesterday, I receive another email saying my league was finished with its draft and I now have a team.

Now, I normally do have what I call a “stranger” league that I join. I join a random league that I don’t know anyone in and meet new people, so great, now I have my “stranger” league. I guess I should have set my player rankings though because look at the junk team I have now:

With the fifth pick in the first round of Jerry’s Kids stranger league, the computer chose Julio Jones. Now keep in mind David Johnson was picked first, then Le’Veon Bell, Ezekiel Elliott and then Antonio Brown.

In the second round, with the sixth pick, the computer picked Dez Bryant for Jerry’s Kids. This is starting to look like a zero running back strategy to me.

The fifth pick, in round three saw the computer pick De Andre Hopkins. Now I am getting worried. I have some awesome wide receivers though.

In round four, the computer picked Aaron Rodgers, what is with this computer? I should have updated the player rankings.

In round five, I got my first running back, Ty Montgomery – UGH!!!!

In round six, I get Frank Gore. Gore is older than dirt.

In round seven I pick Martellus Bennett. I really like this pick though. I love Bennett this year in Green Bay.

In round eight the computer takes Stephen Gostkowski. Who picks a kicker before the last two rounds??

The ninth round has Jerry’s Kids taking a defense…really!?! Well, welcome the Carolina Panthers to Jerry’s Kids.

The tenth round has Paul Perkins joining Team Jerry’s Kids. I’m doomed!! I could have had Danny Woodhead, Eric Decker, Donte Moncrief, Tyreek Hill, Adrian Peterson, Theo Riddick…you get the idea, but not Paul Perkins.

In round eleven I get DeSean Jackson, thanks fantasy football gods, I really like this pick!

Round twelve has Jerry’s Kids picking up Fat Rob Kelley. I’m not too excited about this pick, but I desperately need running backs.

In round thirteen I get Jeremy Hill added to the roster of Jerry’s Kids, not too excited about this, especially with Joe Mixon added to the mix in Cincinnati now and I could have had C.J. Prosise, Duke Johnson, Wendell Smallwood, Latavius Murray, Jeremy Maclin, Corey Coleman, James White, Adam Thielen, Mike Williams or Jamaal Williams before my next pick in the fourteenth round. I really like Thielen though or Coleman, and if we can figure out Murray’s role in Minnesota, that is something to monitor.

In round fourteen I get Randall Cobb added to the team. I’m seeing a theme here; I guess the fantasy football gods think I am a Green Bay fan; maybe I should change my team’s name to the Green Bay Packers.

In round fifteen I get Eric Ebron added to the mix.

Looking back on this draft, I don’t have a back-up quarterback and that concerns me, so I already have two waiver wire requests in one for a QB, and the other to upgrade a receiver slot.

I’m going to have to be very creative with some trades to get this team competitive. I’m thinking I may need to trade a wide receiver for a running back, or since this league only awards four points per passing touchdown, I could possibly trade Aaron Rodgers for a running back maybe? I hope this guy accepts this trade I just sent.

And since the draft was before training camps even start, I have to monitor which players are injured, stay tuned to see what I can do with this league.

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