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A Way Too Early Simulated Fantasy Football Draft

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I know it’s a little early, but I already have the fantasy football bug. I just can’t wait until we have our fantasy football draft so I am familiarizing myself with players’ names and practicing my drafting skills by using Fantasy Pros draft simulator and I’m really addicted to it. Yes Fantasy Pros, I’m advertising a little bit for you. Here is the highest grade I received from a simulated draft this year: Hey, a 96 out 100 is pretty good!

In the first round with the 10th pick I took Mike Evans and I normally try to get a stud running back in the first round, but at this point, all the studs like Le’Veon Bell, David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliott, Devonta Freeman and Jordan Howard are gone, so I couldn’t resist Evans.

In the second round with the first pick, I took Jay Ajayi. I’m a firm believer of trying to get starting running backs, even on my bench. I know that a running back will appear out of nowhere during the season due to an injured starter or maybe even one that takes over a starting role but this is what I have to work with early on and who likes competing on the waiver wire?

In the third round with pick number 10, I chose DeAndre Hopkins and Hopkins was a disappointment last year due to some really bad quarterback play in Brock Osweiler, but Hopkins is really talented and maybe Houston will do something at QB, again this is really early to be simulating a draft, but it’s so fun.

With the fourth round pick I took Mark Ingram. I love having good running backs. I’m not a fan of the zero running back strategy at all.

In round five I took Matt Ryan, in hopes of him continuing last year’s success. And yes I picked him off the waiver wire last year, but this year I don’t think the rest of my league will have that, so I better grab him while I can.

In round six, I took Jordan Reed. I believe that you can find wide receivers and quarterbacks, but it’s hard to have good tight ends and running backs.

In round seven, back to running back so I chose Latavius Murray.

Round eight saw me take Terrell Pryor.

In Round nine I took Rishard Matthews.

Next up, back to running back with a Danny Woodhead sighting.

I know it’s early and you really don’t know what is going to happen in Dallas, will Jerry Jones deal Tony Romo? Will Romo be released, or will Jerry Jones try to win a Super Bowl with Romo under center? But I took Dak Prescott in round 11. I sure hope Dallas can find a suitor for Romo that makes sense and makes both parties happy.

Round 12 and I’m looking for another tight end, so I take Eric Ebron.

In round 13, I took Adam Thielen. I love this guy or maybe Tyreek Hill another guy to keep on your radar is Martavis Bryant, but he is probably already gone in round 13.

In round 14 I took the Denver Broncos and this is not realistic, because defenses will already have started being selected.

In round 15 I took Matt Bryant, he was on fire last year and he probably will be gone too, but hey, its practice and it’s for fun.

That’s a pretty good lineup for now, but there will be changes in free agency and the draft. I’ll just keep practicing my skills though for now.


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