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All In Sells Out in Under 30 Minutes

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There had been many questions surrounding the possibility of Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks’ idea of running an independent wrestling show out of their own pockets.

Once announced that All In would take place at the Sears Centre on September 1st, the idea was now put into full motion and the pressure mounted as more questions arose.

Could they sell out a 10,000 seat venue?

With it not being WWE, would anyone care to even watch on Pay-Per-View or whatever means of viewing they would go about?

Will they be able to put on a successful show?

Who could be a headliner that would draw people in the building and to watch at home?

Well, most of those questions were put to bed real quick over the weekend.

Yes, in less than 30 minutes, more than three months prior to the event, All In was SOLD OUT and is in high demand on second hand sites such as StubHub for insane prices. Upper tier seating was in the $200 range as of Monday morning. Pretty surreal for a show that has no affiliation with World Wrestling Entertainment.

The fact that scalpers KNEW this event would sell is a testament to how popular (over is the proper term in the wrestling world) Cody, The Young Bucks, The Bullet Club, etc. are!

There are also some rumblings that CM Punk could make an appearance since he is booked to appear at Pro Wrestling Tees in Chicago for a meet and greet session with fans. If Punk were to make his presence felt at All In, it could really shake up the wrestling industry.

Pro wrestling after witnessing this sell out of All In, is at its most popular since the Monday Night Wars.

THAT is best for business on any level.


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