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AMC releases first four minutes of ‘Preacher’, and you’ll see the resemblence

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The premiere of AMC’s new thriller, Preacher, is only three short days away. The new comic book adaptation is based on a ’90s graphic novel by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.

Preacher follows the story of Dominic Cooper’s Jesse Custer, a disillusioned preacher, who carries a suitcase of demons and is facing a childhood trauma, sees his life forever changed when he’s possessed by a powerful entity named Genesis, the product of a union between an angel and a demon.


Though fans can catch the pilot episode on Sunday, those who wish to jump the gun can catch the first four minutes online. Check it out below:

The sneak peek has references straight from the comic book in almost every snippet. Though, it does appear to be missing one the comic’s biggest characters.

God has spoken

word of god

As readers of the books will notice, Genesis bursts through the door of a church and into the body of the preaching Reverend. Genesis gives his host a power known as “The Word of God”, which causes all commands spoken in the Word to be obeyed by those who hear it, and it crashes through the door immediately after that phrase is spoken.

Though, in this adaptation, it’s not Jesse who first uses the power, but an African preacher. His congregation gets off pretty lightly in comparison to Jesse’s.

The past revisited

Foreshadowing a flashback to his traumatic childhood, Jesse’s father, John Custer, can be seen in Jesse’s dream before he awakens.

Jesse’s father appears to be a Reverend, unlike his character in the graphic novel. When he kneels on the ground, and the events immediately afterwards, though, comes straight from the comic.

Wild West


Fans of the books will recognize the silhouette on the bottle of Ratwater Whiskey as as the Saint of Killers, the Angel of Death with an old western undertone.

Ratwater is the town featured in the Saint of Killers’ tragic and brutal origin story, so be alert for more foreshadowing regarding the ruthless character.

An ode to Mr. Nelson


The music that plays while Jesse peels himself out of bed  is a killer song entitled “Time Of The Preacher”, played by the great Willie Nelson, and is the same used in the opening panels of “Preacher”: Chapter 1.

“Time Of The Preacher” is also the name of the opening chapter, proving to be another recognizable nod to the source material. The full version below is well worth a listen.

Saddling up

metal tips

The metal collar tips seen when Jesse is dressing for an occasion is another reference from the books, adding to his Wild West appeal.

In the comic series, he doesn’t start wearing the tips until after he’s possessed by Genesis, and so they indicate a visual notice of a change of attitude. His ex-girlfriend Tulip (portrayed in the show by Ruth Negga) purchases them for him at a leather goods shop when they go on the run.

Preacher premieres this Sunday, May 22, on AMC. What do you think of the newest graphic novel adaptation? What others would you like to see?


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