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Apple Has Fallen Very Far From The Tree

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Being an athlete in this era has many challenges that eras prior did not have to deal with.

Whether it was the level of competition or the rise of social media, the game has changed in every major sport.

With these changes, come adaptations. Some are able to adapt. Others, not so much.

There is the occasional time where an athlete loses their cool on social media and then they become apologetic, letting the moment get to them and quickly realizing that they need to backtrack ASAP.

Then you have Eli Apple . . .

Apple, a cornerback for the New York Giants, has faced major scrutiny from the media and fellow players regarding his behavior on and off the field. It has been addressed on multiple occasions and he appears to be the outlier of all professional athletes of this era.

As you see from tweet above, it consists of Apple going off and just not caring because “he’s getting paid” and that is the biggest alarm of all.

What happens if and when the Giants release him from his contract for conduct detrimental to the team?

Will a team take a gamble on a player who has been nowhere near his first round pick expectations?

It was great to see Apple’s teammate Odell Beckham Jr. try and assist him here. However, it may be a bit too late.

Apple reminds me of many of us Joe Schmo’s who don’t understand what they have.

We mouth off about our lives and jobs on social media. It ends up getting back to the wrong people and then we must pay the consequences for our actions.

Just because Apple is an athlete, it doesn’t mean he is not responsible for his Twitter tirades and his attitude towards the media.

If you work for McDonald’s and say on your personal Twitter account: “F**k McDonald’s! My piece of s**t boss is a d*****bag!”
Wouldn’t that lead to your firing?

There may be freedom of speech, but there’s a difference between saying what’s on your mind and being stupid while doing so.

Don’t be the rotten apple, Eli.

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