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Whether athletes like it or not; they’re trend setters. They set the pace the rest of us bouncing around on this rock we called Earth follow.

Just this past week at New York’s Gay Pride Parade another barrier was broken. The sports media company site SB NATION OUTSPORTS had a float. UFC lesbian fighters there were SARA EUBANKS, NINA ANSAROFF, and TECIA TORRES. There were other athletes there as well. The LGBT struggle; for a lack of a better term, in the MMA world is being fought exclusively on the women’s side. Who can forget LIZ CARMOUCHE wearing a rainbow mouth piece in the 1st ever female fight in the UFC vs RONDA ROUSEY? They set the trend for women to join the UFC, and it put the LGBT issues in the spotlight too. Fast forward to today there’s the likes of former INVICTA featherweight champ   TONYA EVINGER, ROCKY PENNINGTON and her girlfriend TECIANINA and her girlfriend and 1st ever female Brazilian champion AMANDA NUNES, powerhouse JESSICA ANDRADE, and the highly touted prospect EUBANKS, just to name a few. So many women stepping up to fight for a cause more tougher than any in cage opponent. But where are the gay male fighters? Obviously it goes without saying women put their bodies through more than guys do. However just playing the odds it would have been a safe bet that not only 1 male fighter would have come out; 1 major star would have. Frankly; its safe to assume a company and the cause would have hoped so by  now.

Back in February 2017; MARC DIAKIESE did a cover photo shoot for the magazine GAY TIMES MAGAZINE. He spoke of how he believes all people should be as one. However (AND IT DOESN’T MATTER); he’s heterosexual. SHAD SMITH; a King Of The Cage veteran with a 13-23-2 career record; has been the only openly gay male fighter. So in the thousands of UFC fights alone it’s hard to imagine a man not stepping up to help lead the charge in a worthy cause. In the world we live in now he’d probably not face the ridicule and backlash that the women suffered early on. Now does being gay or straight have a bearing on your abilities as a fighter? Absolutely not. It’s just a bit shocking that no well….. “KING” has joined a “QUEEN” at the forefront; publicly. For whatever “his” reasoning is the times not right. Now; when the time does finally come that a man feels right about coming out publicly the cause will have a strong ally. Until then the company, and the cause will have to wait for it’s next leader.


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