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There are a lot of incredible gyms out there; but none are as hot as ATT. After AMANDA NUNES  starched CYBORG at UFC 232; the 4 ATT fighters in the PFL FINALS all won. Three of the 4 were quite convincingly done too. The night however started off laser fast with a surprising bang. It took only 33 seconds for LOUIS TAYLOR to counter ABUSUPIYAN MAGOMEDOV‘s low leg kicking game with a thunderous overhand left hook to the jaw. It dropped Magomedov and put him to sleep for a few seconds. During the post fight presser Taylor said he’s tired of people underestimating him because of his age. Well known foes LANCE PALMER and STEVEN SILER threw down for 5 rounds. Lance outworked him all over. On the mat, in stand-up, and attempting submissions. It all started with the wrestler chopping away at Siler’s lead leg softening him up; as Lance picked up the featherweight strap by unanimous decision. Afterwards; Lance told me that the best version of himself hasn’t even happened yet as he looks forward to defending the title next season.

NATAN SCHULTE looked to push the pace vs RASHID MAGOMEDOV early. The two then exchanged shots a couple of times. Rashid accidentally poked Natan in the eye. Referee TODD ANDERSON took a point without warning first. On the re-start Rashid was on fire; lighting up Natan with kicks and body shots. As it went on it became more of a fire fight. As it went to the judges score cards; that point taken could be big in a fight that was close. And it was. Natan swept the cards 48-46 for a unanimous decision. Meaning; that point would’ve been 48-47’s. Had the judges seen it closer would be trouble in a title fight. What happens if there’s a draw for a belt?

Getting ready for her own division next season; KAYLA HARRISON afterwards said she doesn’t wanna be known as a judo fighter in a cage; but maybe sometimes old habits die hard. She came out fast vs MORIEL CHARNESKI and clinched up. She judo tossed Moriel to the mat and gained full mount and rained down GNP. Charneski was able to get it back to standup for a few minutes; and got tossed down again. This time Harrison flattened her out and gained back control. She assaulted her again with GNP till referee KEVIN MACDONALD jumped in to stop it at 3:39 of  round 1. All week long SEAN O’CONNELL has talked about how recently he doesn’t turn it up till he gets clipped. Well; he got clipped and cracked open early from GNP by red hot VINNY MAGALHAES; whose had a “rebirth” of his own career. Which turned the fight into a shot for shot war. But with every exchange in the pocket Vinny would lose some steam. He’d shoot for double legs too far out making it easy for Sean to stuff them all. They’d throw hands and Sean would get the better of them. Although after the 1st round O’Connell was the one busted open Vinny was the one breathing heavy. Round 2 he was just single shot plodding, and begging Sean to come down to the mat; which he wouldn’t do. As round 3 closed Sean was teeing off on Magalhaes who seemed to be out on his feet. Between rounds his corner did the right thing for their fighter and waived it off. During his in cage speech and again in the post fight presser Sean gave one of the most inspirational retirement announcements ever as he choked up a couple of times.

JOSH COPELAND kept moving forward using his head like a rhin0, and PHILIPE LINS kept hitting it. That came after a long cautious feeling out process. Which soon turned into a dirty boxing contest as they cracked each other. In the clinch Lins was unstoppable landing knee after knee after knee. Josh was coming forward with his hands down begging to be hit; which he was. Against the cage 30 seconds into round 4; Lins landed a combo which put Josh out on his feet. Referee DAN MIRAGLIOTTA had no choice but to jump in to stop it.

After ANDRE HARRISON‘s unbeaten streak was broken; RAY COOPER III became the face of the organization. And with him tearing through everyone  it certainly helped; including JAKE SHIELDS  twice. The quiet, deeply religious Hawaiian traveled great as it looked like all the islands came to NYC. Cooper came out fast making MAGOMED MAGOMEDKERIMOV back peddle. Magomed was able to bring the talented striker to the ground and attempted a RNC to no avail. Back standing up Ray couldn’t land solidly on Magomed’s angles; as he countered well from range. Ray continued to stalk him though. The Hawaiian shot in for a poorly timed takedown as Magomed grabbed a hold of his neck and squeezed till the shocking tap via the guillotine that silenced the crowd came at 2:18 into round 2.

In the post fight presser RAY SEFO and CARLOS SILVA praised all 6 new millionaire champions and Kayla; re-confirming they’ll all be back to defend; except for Sean OConnell. They told me that with the exception of adding the female 155 division roster size will stay the same for the time being. Natan, Magomed, and Kayla all said what makes ATT so dominant and why they’re hot right now is due to all the training partners and all the best coaches. It was an absolute humbling honor to be able to be credentialed and cover the PFL over the week and look forward to doing more with them. So till next season; which starts in May.


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