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Auburn, Gus Malzahn Agreeing To Brand New 7-Year Deal

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If Auburn had won the SEC Championship on Saturday, Gus Malzahn’s future would most likely not be in as much doubt. Since losing the rematch to Georgia and falling out of the final four of the College Football Playoff, it was speculated that Malzahn may move back home and take over the Arkansas job. He told a reporter that he wants to stay at Auburn even after the loss and one key reason for staying is after beating Alabama in the Iron Bowl. Well there will be one less vacancy in the SEC to worry about.

Malzahn and the school have said to agree on a brand new 7-year deal which is said to be worth a raise up to $7 million dollars in at least five years. While there was a sharp decline in production since his Auburn debut in 2013, he found the quarterback that was right for his system and even had a defense strong enough to stop Alabama and win the SEC West. Malzahn had already won an SEC title in his first season and reached the last BCS Championship game.

It is no secret that he had some ups and downs since that run and had to go through a lot of staff changes, and even with the addition of Will Muschamp in 2015 didn’t even seem to help. But while he slowly but surely began to piece his new staff together, even with two losses it looked to recapture what they had four years ago. While struggling with quarterbacks and other offensive woes, it took the arrival of Jarrett Stidham to turn things around and almost put Auburn back on top.

Though they didn’t win the SEC this time, they are once again returning to Atlanta for the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl to take on AAC Champion Central Florida. Winning a bowl game could really put the icing on this new deal and most likely tell other schools that Gus Malzahn is officially off limits.

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