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Becky Lynch Suspended

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The rise of Becky Lynch has been well documented over the past handful of months. Lynch’s popularity has skyrocketed and is traveling a very similar path to one Stone Cold Steve Austin. Most of it has been organic, making this push all the more entertaining and well received. On Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon and Lynch had a confrontation in the ring, essentially re-creating the Austin attacking Vince McMahon story line. When talking about the doctors and needing to be evaluated, it was near identical to a fateful evening in 1997 at Madison Square Garden.

Then of course, Lynch decided to go about things her way when she refused to see doctors and heed the warning by Stephanie McMahon.

Lynch has reportedly been suffering from an actual knee injury, which would explain the necessity to go about this story line angle. Lynch has been suspended following this assault on McMahon, also fueling speculation that Charlotte Flair will be somehow added to the match. How do they get Charlotte into the Raw title picture when she is on SmackDown?

There would have to be some sort of qualifying match in order for Charlotte to bully her way in. Otherwise, it’s hard to fathom another avenue for them to go. Maybe during the Ric Flair birthday celebration in three weeks?

All roads point to the triple threat match especially now with Lynch’s knee injury and even though plenty of fans are against the idea of it and would rather have Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch one v. one, the story telling an build surrounding this angle has been outstanding.

At the end of 2018, the McMahon family announced programming would be more geared towards what the fans want. Pushing Becky Lynch to the moon certainly follows that trend.


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