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In the TV prelims of  BELLATOR 206JOSH SAN DIEGO and JOE NEAL exchanged early as Josh opened a cut above Joe’s right eye with a straight left. San Diego was able to take Neal down time and again. On the feet he also cut the angles and stalked his opponent. The duo accidentally banged heads which opened a cut on Josh. Halfway through they both seemed to gas but in the 3rd picked the pace back up. Josh continued to get takedowns and landed some GNP, as they slugged it out in the final moments. It shouldn’t have been as close as it was but; Josh picked up a slightly odd scored split decision. JUSTIN SMITLEY who had his young daughter with him at the weigh-ins came out fast vs  JEREMIAH LABIANO. Labiano had no issues countering him. And after catching a front kick scored a takedown. In a scramble he attempted a submission from the bottom. He landed GNP till referee  MIKE BELTRAN saw enough and stopped the fight 3:28 into round 1. AMBER LEIBROCK and  ARLENE BLENCOWE had the most intense of all the staredowns. That intensity was brought into the cage. Amber hit and moved well darting in and out using kicks to keep Arlene at range. Leibrock rocked Blencowe with a left knee that sent her across the cage and onto the mat. Amber went after her and they clinched at the fence. There was a decent exchange and Arlene was cut under her left eye. Amber was landing some sweet combos. Arlene started to counter well once she got Amber’s rhythm down. Leibrock scored a takedown with Arlene in her guard. With Amber attempting an armbar she was power slammed and was rattled. Blencowe then landed some hammer fists till referee HERB DEAN jumped in at 1:23 of round 3 for the TKO. TY COSTA took the green haired CASS BELL down when he wanted but didn’t truly capitalize on it. Cass actually did the landing; from the bottom. The pair also grinded along the fence. Bell tried for an armbar but got power slammed twice and still held onto it. He then got Ty to tap at 3:06 of round 2. JAMES TERRY gave ADAM PICCOLOTTI the baptism under fire he needed. Adam connected with just about everything and Terry kept coming forward. His crimson red face showed the amount of heart he has. Adam may have won a unanimous decision but James won the biggest heart on the card at this point.

The incredible night opened with back to back unanimous decisions. CHUCK CAMPBELL and  ANTHONY FIGUEROA JR. picked up wins over JOSEPH RAMIREZ and SAMUEL ROMERO  respectively.


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