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From the SAP CENTER BELLATOR 206 takes off. Make no mistakes this card is a massive homerun for the “junior organization” on a weekend the UFC is dark. Rivalries, trilogies, a tourney, and wars; what else can a MMA fan ask for? Except those in the UK. Due to the time difference, and government regulations the card was turned off and replaced with Sunday morning cartoons.

RORY MACDONALD tried to make some Bellator history; but alas GEGARD MOUSASI put an end to that dream on this night. Gegard’s jabs found a home all night on Rory’s face; eventually breaking his nose. He also landed a flurry of leg kicks that slowed Rory down to almost a stand still. It was almost like big brother vs little brother. Mousasi moved better as well. When Rory did land; Gegard seemed to walk through it. Although he did clip him early on with a couple of over the top rights. But when the welter weight champ poorly executed an imanari roll Mousasi eventually got in full mount and rained down punches and elbows till referee HERB DEAN had no choice but to jump in and stop it at 3:23 of the 2nd round. Gegard repeated he feels RAFAEL LOVATO JR should be next for him and the LYOTO MACHIDA. Which then would leave him with 1 fight left on presumably his last contract.

RAMPAGE JACKSON and WANDERLEI SILVA are now tied 2 wins a piece. In the post fight presser it was teased there may be a 5th one to decide the rivalry once and for all. Quenton had almost 30 pounds on the Brazilian; and used that size advantage well. He did what he’s always done; throw serious leather. While Silva moved side to side and in and out. Wanderlei flicked out his jab but once Jackson had him near the fence the story changed. That’s when Rampage started landing knees. Later they did some telephone booth fighting stinging each other. Jackson landed a combo that put Silva down and it was followed up with a right hand. That’s when referee MIKE BELTRAN saw enough at 4:32 of round 2. Jackson would like to either get back into the heavyweight tournament or be the 1st defense for whoever wins the belt.

It seemed as if ANDREY KORESHKOV wasn’t in the mood to “bang” with DOUGLAS LIMA. But in the trilogy fight Andrey went out on his shield by not taping to a RNC; but going out at 3:04 of the 5th round. Next up for Lima now will be the winner of the MVP – DALEY fight. Koreshkov was happy to grind in the clinch while the younger Lima brother used a low leg kicking attack early. Douglas’s takedown defense was spot on all night. When it seemed Andrey was getting beyond frustrated; Lima’s volume of strikes became hard to handle. Once Douglas got Koreshkov down he locked in the submission.

AARON PICO‘s stock continues to rise. He made a big step up in talent taking on LEANDRO HIGO. Higo tried to slow down the hard charging Aaron by chopping at his legs; but Pico just walked through them. His piston like striking and moving side to side like a windshield wiper was on point again. A rim rocking right hand put Leandro down and rained down a flurry of strikes till referee MARK SMITH  stopped it at 3:19 of the 1st round. Pico warned PATRICIO PITBULL; that his time was coming soon.  The 22 year old has now won his last 4; all in round 1, all by KO after dropping his pro debut at MSG.

DAKOTA ZIMMERMAN gave KERI MELENDEZ all she could handle and then some. But right off the bat Keri landed a front kick to the face. Once on the mat is where Dakota did her best. She sucked Keri into her guard and then attempted a tight triangle to no avail. Zimmerman came out fast in the 2nd putting Melendez against the cage. When they separated Keri’s striking and well timed knees took over. Her pace slowed in the 3rd but with Dakota coming into range she was hit hard; as Keri held on to win via split decision. Afterwards Keri said she was a bit slower than she hoped to be because she was coming off of a cold.

GASTON BOLANOS is a dangerously rising star; and YSIDRO GUTIERREZ knew he’d be in a battle. Gaston started with a strong kicking game. The duo saw some clinch action and Bolanos was throwing a flurry of strikes. Bolanos finally got his takedown but didn’t do much with it. Ysidro came forward and walked into a stinging left hook. Gaston continued to throw till referee MIKE BELTRAN  stopped the fight at the 97 second mark of the 2nd round for a TKO.



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