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Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese Get the Heave Ho!

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The long awaited move has finally been made, along with a move that Giants fans have been dreaming of since last season.

The New York Giants have fired BOTH coach Ben McAdoo AND GM Jerry Reese after a disastrous 2-10 start which has turned into a tailspin of chaos since the benching of Eli Manning for this past week’s game against the Oakland Raiders.

It’s not surprising that the team let go of McAdoo after it became apparent that he had lost his team. It is a bit of a surprise that the Giants did not wait until the end of the season to let him or Jerry Reese go.

It’s been such an odd sight to see Jerry Reese last so long as the GM after YEARS of terrible draft picks and his refusal to shore up spots of desperation. How can you can compete without a solid offensive line? Outside of Odell Beckham and maybe Sterling Shephard, Reese has been terrible in building this Giants squad.

Apparently, it took a Geno Smith led team to get defeated in Oakland on Sunday for the alarms to finally go off and for the Tisch and Mara families to deactivate Ben McAdoo’s key card.

Maybe Steve Spagnuolo and Kevin Abrams can shed some light within this organization.


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