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Big Cass and His Attempt to Stand Out

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Pro Wrestling Sheet reported on Thursday that Big Cass is in major hot water after he apparently went off script regarding his assault of a little person on SmackDown Live last week, the go home show for Backlash.

He reportedly was NOT given permission to punch the little person repeatedly as the above Tweet shows. Big Cass had only been instructed to give the little person a big boot and end the segment.

Even though the segment fell flat for a lot of people because of the fact it had been directed towards crowd favorite Daniel Bryan, I believe Big Cass is in the midst of a potential breakout.

Although Big Cass was left off of Smackdown Live this past week as punishment for going off script, he made up for it with his best promo since becoming a singles competitor on WWE’s YouTube channel.

Cass is showing a whole different side of him, an entertaining one at that.

He is using his size and imposing figure to his advantage. Yes, his wrestling ability is a work in progress, but his mic skills have dramatically improved. His tone and delivery in his promos are sounding less and less robotic. There is more intensity. There is more fire. There is a genuine superstar in the making who is looking to stand out and take chances.

For someone of Cass’ size, he will definitely end up on Vince McMahon’s good list if he continues to take chances and show improvement.

I called it last year when Elias made the main roster that he would break out.

I am calling it now that Big Cass will be the top heel on Smackdown Live by the end of the year. The body of work will be there and he will be hated so much by the fans, he will thrive. He knows how to strike a nerve and knows how to make the fans boo him.

Now the dominoes just need to fall without an injury hiccup.


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