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Bloody Becky Steals Monday Night RAW

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On an episode of Monday Night RAW in which we witnessed Brock Lesnar destroy the Singh Brothers, Braun Strowman get Stephanie McMahon to cave in to his demands for a title shot, and Dean Ambrose burning his Shield gear to the ground (Sorry Seth), the go home show for the brand before Survivor Series was stolen by one Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch, the SmackDown Live women’s champion, lead a crusade of SmackDown invaders on to Monday Night Raw’s turf to close out the show and boy did it deliver.

A bloody Becky Lynch assaulted Ronda Rousey backstage with a brutal dis-arm-her submission, only hours after Rousey had cut a promo on Becky, wanting to put the man in her place.

Ronda didn’t think Becky was in the building. She may have worded her promo differently if she knew Becky was there.

Lynch then strutted to the ring with swagger and confidence as the RAW Women’s Survivor Series team looked on. Lynch gave the signal and started the war. At some point during her exchanges with RAW talent, Lynch had her nose busted, causing blood to spew everywhere. In the words of Jim Ross, she was bleeding like a stuffed pig.

Blood went everywhere, forcing WWE to turn the video black and white on RAW replays. The live feed however was not able to distort the color, so fans watching live were able to see Lynch’s war wounds all over her body, the vibrant reddish/orange hue on her pale skin going perfect with her orange hair. Rousey’s run to the ring to try and stage off the SmackDown invasion was short lived as Lynch brought in a chair to do a number on Rousey’s body.

To sum it all up, it’s the ending image that will stick in the minds of fans way beyond Survivor Series.

Whether fans in the crowd right by her side, or fans at home cheering on The Man, Becky Lynch has brought forth a character never before seen in the women’s division. A bad lass who you can’t help but get behind.

It is way too early to say and obviously could sound a bit outlandish, but Becky has the opportunity to become the female Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Even good ol’ J.R. agrees.

WWE could have a bigger female star than Ronda Rousey on their hands.


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(Photo Via Twitter – @BeckyLynchWWE)

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