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Bobby Lashley Finally Turns Heel

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The addition of Lio Rush as Bobby Lashley’s manager was much needed to help Lashley and his character.

Rush’s heel antics being injected into the aggression of Bobby Lashley may be the best thing possible for the former ECW champion.

Lashley surprisingly attacked Kevin Owens after their match on Monday night, destroying the legs of Owens and looking like a merciolous heel in the process. Rush on the mic constantly cheering on Lashley and distracting Owens was the first tell tale sign of it, but this actually had been brewing for months.

If you think about it, when Lashley destroyed Sami Zayn, it set off a chain of events that lead to this eventual turn.

What’s even better is the fact Lashley may finally have fans care about him enough to boo him. Lashley has always been a great competitior and his in-ring work since leaving TNA has been really good outside of his botched vertical suplexes. His character as a face has been rather bland since returning to WWE in April.

This heel change will give him a much needed boost.

Plus, we may finally get a Kevin Owens face turn.

That in itself could be money before putting the Lashley heel turn into the equation. WWE is moving in the right direction here.


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