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Whether you believe JON JONES did or didn’t beat ALEXANDER GUSTAFSSON back at UFC 165 or not is inconsequential. What is undeniable fact in this rematch is Jon had more controlled caution than the 1st time. He backed up and kept it a kicking game, softening up Alex’s lead leg. It was those kicks that slowed down the Swedish striker (and possibly a missed groin shot) so much so he basically became a sitting target. He also snapped a few connecting jabs and landed some elbows too. When Alex was able to land nothing ever stung Jon. Referee MIKE BELTRAN; subbing for an injured HERB DEAN had to warn both fighters about their fingers and watching out for eye pokes.

While Jones’s takedowns were stuffed early he kept at it and got them eventually. That’s where the real beating took place. He rained down GNP as Alex wound up giving up his back. It was those strikes that eventually KO’d Gustafsson at 2:02 of the 3rd round.

Once again the LHW belt is around the waist of Jon and he sang a common tune we’ve heard from him after things going his way. He’s learned his lessons, he’s a changed person, his belief in god, etc. Whether there’s microscopic traces of new or old drugs in his system; they’re still there. He sang the song of   DANIEL CORMIER was never  truly the champion. To many; that along with all his outside the cage antics shows he’s truly never learned. And until such time will never be believed fully. Sorta just a well  “Jon’s being Jon”. Inside the cage it looked however like Jon didn’t miss a beat from his layoff. He insisted he will never fight DC at heavyweight. Before we see who Jones faces next, his next opponent will be the NSAC. Whether Alex continues his career, moves up, or hangs them up is still up in the air.


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