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Boston’s Expensive Bullpen Option

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David Price’s track record against the New York Yankees ever since coming over to the Boston Red Sox has been rather putrid to put it nicely.

Still, the Red Sox decided to put Price on the mound for game two of the ALDS against the Yankees and a familiar tune played. Price was battered and beaten by the Yankees offense, including the slumping Gary Sanchez. Price may have awoken the kraken.

Now, for the rest of the playoffs however long that may be, the Red Sox have moved Price to the bullpen, something they tinkered with during the postseason last year against the Houston Astros and found some success.

Price may end up being a better fit in the bullpen for Boston, but his performance in game two not only helped the Yankees get back in the series, but also could have helped one of their most dangerous hitters figure it all out at the wrong time for Boston.

It will be interesting to see how the Red Sox deploy Price. Lefty specialist? Innings eater? Standard inning of relief? Does he even pitch at all?

We shall see.


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