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Brady and Brees chasing Peyton for postseason record

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The NFL playoffs are upon us. It is the ultimate time where legends are made and quarterback reputations are solidified. This year’s NFL playoffs will include an unusual mix of starting quarterbacks including all-time QB greats like Tom Brady and Drew Brees, journeymen like Case Keenum and Nick Foles, and young quarterbacks like Marcus Mariota and Jared Goff. Regardless of their performances and production, many sports fans will evaluate the performance of these quarterbacks in the playoffs simply by if their team advances in the postseason. While much of the focus will be on whether Tom Brady can increase his historic Super Bowl win total, both Brady and fellow future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees will have to perform during their playoff runs to chase down a surprising record by retired quarterback great Peyton Manning.

Although Tom Brady is viewed as the best postseason quarterback of his generation by virtue of his five Super Bowl rings, incredible postseason win-loss record, and numerous postseason records, he hasn’t been the most efficient quarterback in the postseason among his contemporaries. Brady ranks 13th all-time in postseason passer rating but 7th among active quarterbacks including being behind fellow greats like Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. Both Brady and Brees are ahead of Peyton Manning in postseason passer rating who ranks tied for 16th with younger brother Eli. However, both Brady and Brees trail Peyton Manning for an interesting NFL record related to NFL playoff performance.

Despite his playoff “reputation” Peyton Manning has the NFL record when it comes to postseasons with a 90-plus passer rating with a record eight. Both Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are now tied for second with six after their strong postseasons following their 2016 regular seasons. The quarterback many consider the best postseason quarterback ever, Joe Montana, is tied for third with a couple of other all-time greats in Brett Favre and Terry Bradshaw. Manning’s record includes a number of games where he performed well with a 90 passer rating or better and his team ended up losing the first playoff game that they played. Drew Brees has four postseasons where he recorded at least a 90 passer rating and has a solid playoff reputation. This NFL playoffs pay close attention to the efficiency of NFL quarterbacks like Brady and Brees and not simply whether their teams received the win.


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