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DEMETRIOUS JOHNSON is 1 or 1A on just about everyone’s pound-for-pound list and G.O.A.T list. An honor that is deserved without a doubt. However like the old saying goes “all good things come to an end”. But is that time now? There comes a point in every fighters life where there’s more on the “outside” of the cage than on the “inside”. DC has FOX, WOODLEY has TMZ, and DJ has TWITCH. Also as a side note; his wife is due to give birth to their 1st daughter any day now.

Saturday night at LA’s Staple Center he’s playing it back with HENRY CEJUDO. Henry’s loss to DJ was his 1st MMA loss 2 years ago. But in his last 2 wins he’s looked much better. The loss bothered the former Olympic Gold Medal winning wrestler. So much so that afterwards he traveled the world soaking up knowledge and skills like a sponge. To just make an Olympic team takes more sacrifice than 99.9% of the planet understands. To WIN a gold, takes even more. To then go into the abyss of the unknown, takes yet even more. On top of all that; surviving a fire that destroys your home; just puts everything important into focus. Henry has the wrestling advantage, and he has a tad of a power advantage. Whereas Demetrious will it seems against anyone at 125 have a speed and improvisational  advantage.

So Cejudo enters this rematch with more knowledge than he had before. Demetrious enters it looking for his 12th title defense and more history. Both are 31 years old. Henry has said “he knows the UFC want’s him to win to bring life to a stale division”. Now whether or not that’s true; no one will ever go on the record saying that. However; it would definitely put a new spin on things. This fight can also once and for all be a spring board for DJ. Johnson’s last loss came back in October 2011 to DOMINICK CRUZ at 135. Outside of the draw to IAN MCCALL; he’s been on a roll since. The top 2 dogs right now at bantamweight; TJ DILLASHAW and CODY GARBRANDT have chirped at him. Both of those guys however are stronger with a tad less speed than DJ. Say what you will about “CHAMP CHAMPS”; but they go right to the head of the class. That’s something DJ wants! But has time and the odds just finally caught up with him? Picturing Dana White behind Cejudo wrapping that belt around him isn’t as far fetched as it was thought of a couple of months ago. So don’t sleep on him pulling it off. Then again; leave it to a “MIGHTY MOUSE” to continue to pull out wins.


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