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Can the Cleveland Browns be a Playoff Team in 2018

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That 0-16 season for the Cleveland Browns in 2017 seems like a lifetime ago.

Within a few short months, the Cleveland Browns have retooled their entire offense with capable weapons to compete with ANY team in the AFC North.

The big question here is:

Who will the Browns take in the draft, since they have the first and fourth overall picks?

This question once answered will be the key factor in determining if the Browns can make a playoff run.

With the acquisitions of Carlos Hyde, Tyrod Taylor and Jarvis Landry, this team will undoubtedly win at least six games, even with minimal upgrades on defense BEFORE this year’s draft.

Could Cleveland trade down to stockpile more picks and focus on their defense?

Will they take Bradley Chubb with their first overall pick?

Will they take somebody like a Baker Mayfield later in that first round knowing he WANTS to play for Cleveland and knowing teams will pay a premium for a higher pick to grab an elite QB or running back Saquon Barkley?

Never would have thought in my wildest dreams that being a Cleveland Browns fan would be anything but a nightmare.

I have misspoke.


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