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Chris Jericho to Replace Rusev in Casket Match vs. Undertaker

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It only took one day, but WWE has already made a change to the Undertaker’s match at the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia on April 27th.

Instead of fan favorite Rusev as Undertaker’s opponent, he has been replaced with Chris Jericho for Undertaker’s first match since his WrestleMania return in which he beat John Cena in just a few minutes.

The reason for the switch is unknown at this time, but it’s quite possible Rusev buried himself prior to this match.

The running joke had been Undertaker would bury Rusev Day in the casket and shut the lid. However, it may have been Rusev who buried himself this time due to his sarcastic and free flowing social media posts, as well as the following interview with TMZ where he basically calls Undertaker old.

Now it’s also possible that WWE realized that Rusev is currently one of the most over talents on the roster and essentially burying him in a match against an aging Undertaker would be downright stupid. Instead, they rather have him put on an impressive showing in the rumble and get the Rusev Day pop.

I still feel as if this is punishment for Rusev’s no filter Twitter account and social media stylings, but who knows.

It will always be Rusev Day, somewhere.


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