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“Civil War” beats “Deadpool”, has sights on “Batman v Superman”

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While we may never see a Marvel/DC crossover, or never get to see an (likely) amusing fight between Captain America and Deadpool, it’s clear which hero tops chimichangas in ticket sales.


After only two weeks in theaters, Captain America: Civil War has avenged the Marvel series against Deadpool, racking up $765.9 million, so far beating out Deadpool‘s banked total of $762.1 million.

The wise-cracking antihero still sits pretty at a respectable No. 5 on the list of top grossing films of 2016. Despite an usual superhero rating of R, Deadpool proved to be a fan favorite, solidifying Ryan Reynold’s lofty mansion in all of our hearts.


Marvel vs. DC

As the massive earnings of Civil War continue to increase, a few other franchises have room to worry.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice proved to be financially of the year’s biggest hits, scoring ticket sales totaling $868.2 million. Civil War has its sights set on the DC installment, adding fuel to the already massive flaming inferno that exists between DC and Marvel groupies.


Civil War should keep its shield up (pun intended), however. Upcoming, highly anticipated blockbusters Suicide Squad and Finding Dory could easily remove the team from the starting roster. Lest we forget the superheros will still need to win children’s hearts in order to overcome 2016’s No. 1 film, Zootopia.


Avengers and co. will need to fight their way to the top; something they are certainly attuned to.


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