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Clay Matthews is Right

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Clay Matthews was penalized for a third week in a row yesterday for a roughing the passer call and he WASN’T happy about it.

You be the judge on the call:

Matthews spoke to the media following the game and did not hold back.

In reality, we all understand the perspective of protecting the quarterback, it makes sense.

However, there are good calls and bad calls.

This isn’t flag football. Matthews didn’t piledrive or spear Alex Smith into the ground as if he were Bill Goldberg during his streak, Matthews has no option BUT to land on Smith whilst going for the sack. Is he supposed to just not sack him in fear of a penalty?

The stupidity is real and the NFL has a major issue on their hands right now because of it.

One of these penalties could cost a team a very pivotal game and alter the landscape of the 2018 season.

Clay Matthews is right and I hope he doesn’t stop talking until that penalty is no longer called in a situation like that. Otherwise I think Mike McCarthy may attack a ref.

Now THAT is some anger unleashed.

The NFL better get it right.


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