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College Basketball Is World’s Best Sports Product

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It is very easy to disagree with the statement being argued in this article if you don’t like basketball, or even if you do like basketball but prefer another sport. However, although I don’t have any numbers to back it, in this article I hope to provide some objectivity to the issue. Maybe basketball is just my favorite sport, and I am being biased here, I guess we’ll to discover that together as I write this, but I don’t think so because I don’t really enjoy watching the NBA. Okay, let me dive into it.

This superlative popped into my mind a few nights ago while I was watching a game between two teams that I don’t even remember right now. The point being that they were two teams hovering around .500, and that they were far from the national spotlight, yet I was still intrigued. Although the talent level clearly wasn’t the best there is, it’s hard to notice that in basketball when neither team is all that great. The offense seemingly still matched that of other games, they were getting up and down the floor, and it was a tight game that went on to go to overtime.

As I often do at night, I turned the TV on that night and flipped to a college basketball game. I look at the games and pick one based on who the teams are or what the current score is. In this case, there were no premier teams playing, but I still managed to find a competitive game. And almost always, I can do that. Here’s the point – at the time when I am wanting to watch tv (that 7-11ish time range) there are several games to pick from, and most of the time they are highly competitive, fast-paced, and the crowds are insane. Not having any care who wins the game beforehand, I can still turn on the game, watch it, probably decide on a team I prefer, and witness a college atmosphere lose their mind in the process.

The reason these games are often so competitive is partially the parity compared to other sports, and partially the mental component that isn’t quite as significant as in other sports. Top teams often play close games with average teams, average teams often play close games with other average or below average teams. Road games versus home games also balances that out a lot in the sport, probably because most of the games shown on tv have capacity crowds of college students jumping and screaming.

Additionally, to play the perfect number of games for a season. Right around that 30 mark, in my opinion, is perfect for any sport that can manage it because it allows a team to learn to play together, go through adversity, and overcome said adversity. It gives the fans a good number of games to watch, but not so many that a single loss becomes meaningless. The intensity in the sport is ALWAYS there.


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