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Stop 3 for the well….. “traveling circus of Conor-Floyd” played in the BARCLAYS CENTER. Those of us scoring these have it Floyd getting a slight edge in LA, Conor winning decisive in Toronto; meant we were tied coming to the borough of Kings. Aaaaaaand after….. we’re still tied. I say that as I sat once again in the midst of a Conor presser (sect 227 then down in 115). Conor coming out 1st was adorned shirtless in a fur coat and paid homage to the NOTORIOUS B.I.G. Floyd came out wearing another Ireland flag; which drew massive amounts of ire from the much pro-Conor crowd.

Stephen Espinoza was relentlessly booed, but we were informed tickets for the event would go on sale July 24, and 4 days later would be the start of the “inside the training camps video blogs”. Pre presser 3 some questions were answered. Such as Stephen once again saying SHOWTIME had nothing to do with Conor’s mic dying in LA, he was taken aback being called names by Conor, and no it wasn’t a “work”. There was lots of time to kill pre-presser as both Conor and Floyd played one upsmanship with each other holding the packed to the gills crowd hostage as both showed up more than an hour late.

Once the presser got rolling Conor made comments towards one of Floyd’s daughters after saying 50 cent is broke and he’s about to be. Floyd said Conor is one of his “b***hes” and made “it rain” on him; while being serenaded once again to the “pay your taxes” chant; to which Conor  jumped up screaming “but these are 1’s”. Then things took a very testy turn, the 1st one during this tour. In one of Floyd’s rants he called for his bodyguards to “voltron up”and they all went to surround Conor. But Owen Roddy, Artem Lobov, and Dillon Danis charged up and got between Conor and Floyd’s henchmen goons. Actually they all got off lucky because coming from MMA Conor’s partners would go for the kill easily against the roid heads. There were also more than a couple of times things were taking an uncomfortable turn.

Afterwards; to the press Conor stated again he’s the furthest thing from a racist, and maybe this tour is starting to take something out of them both. Floyd on the other hand wondered why the press hounds him bout not being able to read, assaulting women, not paying taxes, etc etc; while never bringing up any of the good he does. He also stated Conor needs to reign in the “racial epitomes”. Location 4 is London’s Wembley Stadium; which is a small jump from Conor’s Dublin Ireland home. It’s also his birthday; so you can expect this to end with some amazing fireworks; physical and possibly literal as well.



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