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In their 1st meeting in LA the slimmest of edges could have been given to FLOYD MAYWEATHER. Toronto was a much different story. That they needed to change venues to the Budweiser Stage to hold the 15,000 plus rabid fans was the sign of change. Not only was day 2 delayed to let all the people in, it was delayed due to Floyd getting there late. A move usually made by CONOR MCGREGOR to pressers. Now that Conor knew the format and what was expected; the man that studies details better than most would be much more prepared, and raring to go. Boy was he ever.

Conor not only took out Floyd with his left, but at the same time with his right he KO’d Showtime exec STEPHEN ESPINOZA; calling him a little weasel, and still blaming him for the mic issues in LA. He got the crowd to not only serenade Floyd with a “fuck the mayweathers” chant. But on their own started a “pay your taxes” chant. McGregor also challenged Floyd to take the mic out of his hand.

Floyd managed to get his hands on an Ireland flag, Conor then jumped off his seat grabbing Floyd’s book bag. He let it be known if anything happened to that flag; he’d get dropped right on the stage. He then jumped out of his seat and grabbed Floyd’s book bag, after saying “why do you have a book bag, you can’t read”. He then opened the bag to find approximately $5,000 in it and said “that’s it????” . For a second it looked like that money was destined for the 1st couple of rows of fans. Shooting back at Mystic Mac; Floyd stood in front of Dana White saying “Dana, we’re the one’s that make the money we don’t need to wear suits”, to which Conor rebutted “well what about Leonard Ellerbe”.

The barbs were more personal, and direct hits, the staredown was a lot more intense (if that was even possible). The next stop is at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and yours truly will be in attendance to see round 3 up close and personal. Who knows what’ll be said or happen next. After that its a flight to the other side of the planet to WEMBLEY STADIUM in London on Friday to finish the tour. Then the next time these two meet up is August 25th for the weigh ins and final stare downs before their fight on the 26th.



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