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So all the “major” organizations are dark this week. It’s a good thing though. It let’s us reboot before another long stretch of too many cards piled on top of each other; making the majority of us not know which way is up. That being said we can now look back with clear results of the broadcasting merry go round that took place recently.

Let’s start in BELLATOR since they made bigger waves overall. The surprising addition of MMA referee/pioneer BIG JOHN MCCARTHY wowed many off their seats. Man for man, pound for pound, he’s easily the GOAT when it comes to in-cage knowledge. For a quick minute he did color work a couple of years ago but he’s much more seasoned now. However, on occasion such as at Bellator 194 they choose to use his skills at the “desk”; along side fellow Bellator newbie JAY GLAZER. Now yes; their “A” team of Chael Sonnen and Mike Goldberg worked cageside. The give and take between them makes listening fun. It’s understandable that they prefer not to use the 3 man booth if necessary; but putting John with his knowledge at the desk is wasting his skills. As far as Glazer goes things will be interesting once football season rolls around. Jay mentioned to me during fight week that he was staying on as the NFL on FOX’s lead inside info guy. The addition of Jay also makes things interesting in another aspect. With the UFC and BELLATOR both possibly looking for new homes soon, would Paramount and FOX come together with a deal? Especially since they already have one of their insiders. Jay does handle the lead role at the desk pretty good. However the amount of work he does might diminish with his NFL duties. Ranallo as leader of the “B” team is like having Kobe Bryant be the 6th man on an NBA team.

Not only does the UFC have a much over booked calendar and some divisions that are a tad too deep; the same can be said with their broadcasters. Now I get it; ex-fighters (or sadly, current fighters) make for better color commentators, and yes the UFC has a boat load of truly talented people. But there’s an over flow. That goes for those doing desk duties as well. While Joe Rogan has chosen it’s time to start doing a bit less; it was a brilliant move to swoop up former Bellator man JIMMY SMITH. He’s gotten his feet wet and is really starting to shine in his own way. The UFC playbook is to pound you over the head;…… with plenty of cards, fighters, and broadcasters. In the long run it’s unsustainable to have so much; sooner or later that practice will pop like a 13 year old girls pimples.

For the top organizations having an “A”, and “B” team with a couple of backups is truly all that’s needed. Anything more can sound inconsistent and confusing to the listeners. It’s just one of many reasons in THIS sport why ratings and feedback have taken a dip as of late.


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