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DANIEL CORMIER closed UFC 226 in historic fashion. He KO’d THE BADDEST MAN ON THE PLANET STIPE MIOCIC. He did it with 27 seconds left in the opening round. In doing so he joins only CONOR MCGREGOR as the UFC’s 2 ever concurrent champ champs. DC was and is (for now) the light heavyweight champ, and now also the heavyweight champion.

Before the fighters even got into the cage WWE wrestler/MMA fighter BROCK LESNAR came and sat beside Dana White cageside. Although DC and Brock know each other since 1997; there’s been some back and forth between them. But we’ll get back to that soon enough. The going thought was Stipe would wanna throw hands while DC would wanna make it an ugly wrestling fight. Miocic; the longest reigning heavyweight champion was riding a 6 fight win streak; the last 3 were title defenses. Before DC became light heavyweight champ he was 12-0 at heavyweight. The bigger Stipe; touched Daniel with strikes early along the fence; but as he said “it wasn’t anything I hadn’t felt before”. He was also able to for a moment take Daniel down. The two chased each down and landed on each other in the clinch and at range. DC picked up the intensity after being admonished for an eye poke. Then when DC connected with a right uppercut Miocic dropped to the mat and a rain of hammerfists ensued till referee MARC GODDARD jumped in to stop it. While Stipe wasn’t happy about the stoppage he was clearly out of it. So history is written.

Enter the follies. While it’s of utmost important to strike while the fire’s hot; there’s a way to go about it. Calling out opponents has become the “IT THING TO DO”. But when that opponent then enters the cage and the pair do some half baked, poorly conceived, cringe worthy, WWE shoot it makes a mockery of the MMA world which is supposed to be above that stuff. At least that’s what the “die hard hardcore MMA fans believe”. So what’s next? Plenty actually. DC has said he’s done when he turns 40 on March 20, 2019. He’s been steadfast about that for more than a year now. Which means the clocks ticking fast; and he has 2 belts; for now. Cormier stated he doesn’t believe any 205’er is ready for a title shot. That leaves his new shiny heavyweight strap. But mentioned also in passing if GUSTAFSSON impresses he’d consider defending the light heavyweight belt. It seems as if though he’d be willing to give up that belt and finish at heavyweight. On his own timetable there could be a fight around November (MSG), then in March before walking away.

Brock – DC in MSG would be amazing; absolutely no denying it antics and all. No matter how much both fighters, Dana, or ownership would want it; Lesnar  still has 6 months of USADA suspension he must go through. Which means he can not fight till the middle of January. So not likely will happen. The way Francis-Lewis went neither of them deserve a crack at the belt any time soon. CURTIS BLAYDES seems right on the verge of title consideration but may need another win 1st. Daniel is committed to Brock getting a shot even though he’s said ” i don’t want anything to do with any cheats”; referring to JON JONES. But when asked why Lesnar’s ok he replies “I don’t like Jon, I’m holding the cards, and I want Brock to take expanded testing even if I have to pay for it myself”.

Guess that’s what they call karma Mr. Jones. He’d be willing to rematch Stipe but it’s doubtful calendar wise will work out. Especially since Miocic is about to become a father for the 1st time later today. Just when one division seems like it’s cleaning itself up; another one springs more leaks in it than the titanic.


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