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Could Elias vs. The Rock Happen?

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Elias is one of if not the hottest superstar on the WWE roster. Every week he continues to get over with the crowd even when providing heel like lyrics for his songs and telling fans “they’re not as dumb as they look” prior to his performances. His in-ring work gets better and better with each passing week and his segments are often the most enjoyable of the show, even if it is just a spot where he sings a song for the appreciative crowd who has silenced their cell phones and held their applause until the end.

Many times Elias will be interrupted by a superstar, which more often than not has actually been met by boos, regardless of the fact Elias is a heel.

Would that change if someone like The Rock were to interrupt him?

Elias spoke with SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio on Thursday and laid down the challenge to The Rock. This is in response to The Rock’s interview with WWE’s Cathy Kelly at the premiere of his new movie Skyscraper on Wednesday in which Rock told Kelly that he “can’t wait to get back in a WWE ring” even though his movie career continues to blossom.

An Elias vs. The Rock showdown would be absolutely epic and truly could have a WrestleMania worthy component to it. Two or so months of build where they perform for the crowd on the guitar, followed by great promo work and little back and forths where one week to the next each person gets a shot on the other.

If WWE really wants to build Elias into a mega star, a victory over The Rock at WrestleMania would be the perfect example of a rocket strap. If you don’t know what the term rocket strap means, give the E and C Pod of Awesomeness a listen to understand how important being rocket strapped is.

The future of WWE is going to be a bright one that will feature superstars such as Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns being the faces of the company. Elias belongs in that group.


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