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Could the Giants Fire Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese Before Season’s End?

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Watching a New York Giants football game this season is the equivalent to which the sports pundits thought would happen when watching a New York Jets game. Total disarray, a lack of competitive spirit, and an offensive line that has more holes than swiss cheese. Heck, the defense may be even worse than the offensive line after getting hammered for multiple big plays in yesterday’s thrashing by the L.A. Rams.

There is no life in this Giants team.

The structure of the roster was poorly built on the expectation that they would be able to focus the offense around Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, with pieces such as Brandon Marshall sliding in with no problem. How can you properly function on offense when the likes of Erick Flowers has butter fingers and can’t hold any defenders back?

The defense had early signs of life in the beginning of the season but stars such as Landon Collins just do not seem to care anymore. Eli Apple is afraid to tackle anybody. Why? I have no idea but he just stands there like a frightened kid in gym class who doesn’t want to play sports.

You give up a 52 yard touchdown pass on a 3rd and 33? Are you kidding me?

It is pretty pathetic to watch a Giants game and with half of the season left, what could the Giants front office do?

Do you give McAdoo a shot next year to show this season was a one time deal? Could he get the morale of his team back or has he lost them for good?

In regards to Reese, outside of his Odell selection, what has he really done that any Joe Schmo couldn’t have done from that position?

It doesn’t seem like either McAdoo or Reese will make it past this season, the question is whether they even make it to the end of the season.


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