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D-X to Reform at Crown Jewel

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They say never say never.

Shawn Michaels had said years ago once Undertaker defeated him at WrestleMania 26, he would never wrestle again.

In pro wrestling, nothing is for certain.

Shawn Michaels and Triple H are putting the band back together at WWE Crown Jewel next month as they have challenged Undertaker and Kane to a tag team match.

Everyone saw this coming after Shawn Michaels continuously stuck his nose in the Triple H and Undertaker match at WWE Super Showdown this past Saturday. Undertaker and Kane assaulting both members of D-X after the match set it in stone.

One has to wonder how much Shawn Michaels has in the tank after being out of the ring for more than eight years. We all know Undertaker and Triple H don’t have the ring stamina they once did, so it’ll be interesting to see who dominates the ring time.

It’ll be even more interesting to see who emerges victorious at Crown Jewel, which takes place in Saudi Arabia on November 2nd.


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