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DANIEL CORMIER has had his up and down moments with the paying fans. For the most part he’s now looked at as if not “THE G.O.A.T”; then top 3 or 4. Either way he’s gaining the respect of those who hadn’t given it to him. However; his last two decisions have put him back on the “fans firing line”. First was to call out and challenge BROCK LESNAR; to come try and take his brand newly won heavyweight title. But now it’s to give a heavyweight title shot to “THE BLACK BEAST”; DERRICK LEWIS. Does Lewis deserve one? Sure; the man is on fire, no denying that. However; DC has just made it clear during separate interviews, his hand injury isn’t quite ready for a fight. He balked at JON JONESGUSTAFSSON, re-matching STIPE, poo-pooed MANUWA and a couple of others. By no means I’m I taking anything away from Daniel; however with 2 fights left in his UFC career; one of which will be Brock, his in between match leaves something to be desired. Ultimately the Brock fight is happening because Cormier has been a true company man; so they are rewarding him (if Lesnar can be called a reward). It’s his gold watch match.

But lets be honest here; does someone who in his last 2 fights laid a dud in one and clipped his opponent with 11 seconds left under 100 hours ago truly “deserve” a crack at the strap. Especially since he was heavily outslugged. In his post fight interview, scrum, and radio appearances he’s come out admittedly saying “no I don’t deserve one, I got no cardio”. Plus one that has a history of horrific back spasms; especially right before fights, forcing him to pull out or not “be up to snuff” fight night. If that was all along just playing coy while the contract was being worked on; it proves he’s a better actor that Ronda Rousey. But it’s true though. He has no cardio. Sure he’s big, strong, and KO power in both hands. But for everyone who says Conor McGregor has no cardio; in his last 5 fights after the 1st round he looks like he’s in quick sand. Helen Keller can see how this fight ends….. submission…. 2nd round if DC wants to make it last that long. If he suffers more traumatic back spasms and pulls out; with DUSTIN POIRIER being taken off of the card due to an injury, and JOANNA JEDRZEJCZYK once again facing VALENTINA SHEVCHENKO at UFC 231; the  “LUXURIOUS” MSG card may look like a jazzed up Fight Night card. Ah to be a fly on the wall of every other top contenders representation offices in the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions.



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