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Oscar de la Hoya and GOLDEN BOY PROMOTIONS is now OFFICIALLY in the MMA business.  GOLDEN BOY MMA launches for real November 24th in the Los Angeles Forum; TITO ORTIZ is trilogy fighting CHUCK LIDDELL. Tito will be 7 weeks shy of 44, and last fought in January of 2017; beating CHAEL SONNEN. He still trains hard and it shows. Chuck will be 49 a couple of weeks after the fight, and the last time he was in the cage was June 2010. He finished his career on a 3 flight losing streak, losing 5 of 6. The last 3 being really viciously bad KO’s and the last 2 coming in the 1st round. Yes Chuck has 2 wins over Tito; but this one is coming well past the expiration date on both fighters. But look; the more competition there is, the better. It puts stadium people to work, security, and so many others.

Is Oscar’s heart in the right place? Is he doing this to complete an unfinished combat sports puzzle? Only he truly knows those answers, and one day he will have to answer them to the almighty. Oscar appeared on the ARIEL HELWANI MMA SHOW and spoke as a greater promoter than he was as a fighter. But to be a successful promoter one must believe their own nonsense. That; he truly does! Helwani threw some softballs at him, and when he tried the “heater” Oscar went into “promoter talk”. Let’s remember that boxing’s beginnings are in deceit, and scamming. And the 11th ranked greatest of all time fighter has learned those lessons well. The 1st thing that was easy to catch is he kept referring to Chuck as LIE-DOLL not LIDDELL. Oscar’s not new to English, so there’s no excuse for that. If you truly care about the fighters you say you do; you should know how to pronounce their names. Especially since he does it perfectly with long African and Russian names. Oscar told Ariel MMA fighters “CONSTANTLY COME TO ME, AND TELL ME HOW THEY’RE NOT PAID FAIRLY”. Interesting; one would find it hard to believe out of everyone on Earth; fighters all choose De La Hoya to be their confessional priest. We all know by the way the pay scale for MMA fighters  outside of the upper tiers (much like anything in life) is sadly lacking. He has said both as well as all “GOLDEN BOY FIGHTERS” be taken care of financially. That may be the only honest thing he said. When asked if this would be a one off, or is there 2, 3, 4, cards planned; he was unclear. When pushed why these 2 older fighters; he mentioned fighters who won at older ages. But Chuck and Tito DON’T need to dance a 3rd time. It’s the reason every MMA promoter wanted nothing to do with this. If god forbid 1 pulls an Apollo Creed; imagine the backlash. The CSAC cleared both fighters saying yes their of an older age; however all tests show their on par for their ages. Again; god forbid the worse case scenario; the backlash will be off the charts. When pushed on other issues there was a voice in the background and he suddenly “needed to end the interview and leave”. Kinda sounded like Oscar was saved by the bel….. by a friend.

Now in life when 100 people turn you down you go to number 101. That’s what really happened here. The fact that whether it be all financial, or thinking there’s 1 more fight in me, they found their 101. And the fact that he has a personal and professional war with DANA WHITE makes it more salivating for Oscar that he can in his mind stick a needle into White. At least in Oscar’s mind. The card will be PPV as well. Ariel then reminded Oscar that right now ppv numbers are trending down. His response was MILLIONS (with an “s”), will pay because this is a great fight. That it was…… about 15 years ago. Now; with a monthly UFC card on ppv (for now), the once in a while Bellator card, boxing cards, and roughly 10% of WWE on ppv; people have many more things to watch than older fighters.

However he also said the unknown at this point under card would be in a cage, all MMA, some amateur; and he was looking for some great young fighters. That would be very nice to watch. Although he’s gone on a personal attack with agent ALI ABDEL AZIZ; who’s DOMINANCE MMA MANAGEMENT reps over 100 fighters and about 30% of those are on the indie circuit. All who are top level killers and would be fantastic acquisitions for a fledgling company like Golden Boy. The only other fighter to be announced on that card is GLEISON TIBAU. The 35 year old Brazilian was on a 4 fight losing streak (despite his 33-14 record); and just got cut from the UFC. No opponent has yet been found. Lets hope Oscar can find one by fight night…… or lets not. Especially with a farce of Canelo – GGG 2 coming up.


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