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Dennis Stamp Passes Away at 70

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The professional wrestling world loses another one.

Dennis Stamp, a 20 year veteran of the ring who was one of the most popular “unknown” wrestlers, passed away on Monday at the age of 70, losing his fight with cancer.

Stamp’s career lasted more than 20 years in various promotions including NWA, AWA and WWF. However, he’s best remembered for his appearance in the movie Beyond the Mat. He was the referee in Terry Funk’s “retirement match” against Bret Hart.

Stamp made numerous appearances in the movie, and his famous lines about not being booked turned into memes and other notable mentions over the past 18 years since the movie came out.

Stamp was a former NWA Television champ, brass knuckles champ and multiple times tag team champion.

His AWA and WWF runs consisted of him jobbing out to help build other superstars in the organizations including the likes of Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Snuka.

The final match of his career happened 24 years after his retirement.

In 2015, Stamp was booked one last time with Grado, reenacting the famous scene that made Stamp so popular.

Rest in Peace Dennis Stamp. Hopefully you get booked frequently now.

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