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Deron Williams Likely to Sign with Cavs: UGH!

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I’ll admit it:

This year, I have stayed away from watching the NBA as much as possible.

I’ll follow all the news, read the box scores and see how Dirk Nowitzki is doing.

Why have I avoided the NBA as much as possible?

There’s no disparity.

Most fans already know it’s going to be the Warriors and Cavaliers AGAIN in the NBA finals.


Well, everyone is getting sent to either team.

Deron Williams was released by the Mavericks last week and of course is looking to sign with the Cavs on Monday. This moves gives LeBron James ANOTHER playmaker.

It was atrocious seeing Kevin Durant go to Golden State in the offseason. It was irritating seeing long time forward David West go to Golden State. It was agitating seeing Derrick Williams go to the Cavaliers. Then, cringe inducing pain hit all my bones when the Cavaliers acquired Kyle Korver from the Atlanta Hawks for pretty much nothing.

You’re basically looking at two super teams, then the rest of the NBA led by San Antonio and Houston.

In reality, San Antonio, Houston, Toronto, Boston and the L.A. Clippers are the only teams that have a chance of knocking out either team, but it’s so unlikely.

The NBA is all about making super teams, there is no “rebuilding” anymore unless you are San Antonio or Toronto. Granted, the Warriors built their team from the draft up, but once they lost last year to the Cavaliers, they followed the trend.

While the NFL, MLB and NHL there is much more disparity and more year to year changes than the NBA, the 13-24 year old crowd is at its strongest right now for the NBA. Kids love basketball, they love their superstars. As long as that continues, and as long as the Lakers can make themselves a winning team again, business will continue to boom.

As for us a quarter of a century old and older, we understand the game of basketball is just not enjoyable anymore when you know who’s going to win.

When I watch Major League Baseball, I know ANY team can win. Would I have thought the Cleveland Indians would make the World Series? No chance!

When I watch the National Football League, even with your staples like the Patriots and Packers, there’s TONS of disparity. Injuries and breakout stars can change the game. If you are a Falcons fan, would you have thought Taylor Gabriel would be a breakout receiver? Would you have thought Matt Ryan could be MVP?

When I watch the National Hockey League, every year is a cavalcade of new hungry teams. For those who watch, teams like Edmonton, Minnesota and Columbus are playoff bound. These teams are usually bottom dwellers. What happened?  Hungry young stars such as Connor McDavid change the game.

Where am I going with this?

Basketball needs to change. No more “big three” creations. No more super team thoughts.



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