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Destiny And Redemption Fulfilled At Alabama

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This year’s College Football Playoff has been one for the ages, and regardless of who you are, whoever participated will still be up for debate for years to come. With the all-SEC matchup that occurred for all the marbles, the 8-team playoff scenario can pop up all it wants, but the committee will hear none of it unless some awkward flaw comes out by freak accident. This selection to allow Alabama to jump in even without winning the SEC helped the Crimson Tide fulfill their redemption.

If you look at last season’s title game, the competition was there but was missing a lot of solidarity and leadership mostly under center. Even the defense couldn’t stop anyone high powered and was wore down too much to stop one more run. Much was learned during the long offseason along with some retooling of the staff. Lane Kiffin took off to become head coach of Florida Atlantic, which led to Nick Saban to bring in Brian Daboll, a pupil of Bill Belichick with the New England Patriots.

This season, there were only players who made key plays without a lot of yardage and no player even close to going for the Heisman Trophy. Jalen Hurts was somewhat improved and the defense was in most cases, but in those cases injuries almost cost them when they lost to Auburn, having now a slim chance of going to Atlanta. They have to thank Georgia for opening the door as they beat Auburn in the SEC Championship game after being pounded in the plains.

Although I was unable to in watch most of the game until the fourth quarter, I could tell that Alabama was on a mission and did what they had to do to get the offense going. Putting faith in Tua Tagovailoa kept the faith alive after being shut out in the first half no matter what happened on the last play, Tagovailoa made up for it quickly. Once again, Saban beat out one of his pupils, and this time he had to earn it the old fashioned way. It took two freshman to put behind last season with one throw.

To make a long story short, Saban pulled out all the stops to reach destiny and redemption. Tying Bear Bryant with six national titles in the poll era and not showing any signs of slowing down. With a southpaw who looks more than ready to take over even with Hurts still on the roster, the Alabama offense should have no worries even with a boatload of seniors leaving. The Alabama dynasty is not ready to crumble yet, at least not for a few more years so fans have nothing to worry about.

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