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Dirk Nowitzki To Take Massive Pay Cut, Re-Signs With Mavs

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If all NBA players were like Dirk Nowitzki, the National Basketball Association would not have ended up where it is today.

Players forming super teams is option one for some players. The rest just want a huge pay day. How is that a winning formula for players and fans?

Heck if all athletes were like Dirk Nowitzki, professional sports would be viewed in a much different light.

We see all of these inflated contracts. Tim Hardaway Jr. receiving four years and over $70 million. Otto Porter Jr. getting four years and $106 MILLION (he is making more per year than Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts) for being a mediocre at best player. The rumors of Bryce Harper being the first $400 million man in baseball. Even Mike Pelfrey of the Chicago White Sox is making eight million a year for crying out loud.

Then we have Dirk Nowitzki. A future Hall of Famer, 7th on the all-time scoring list and NBA champion, Dirk decided for the THIRD time in his near 20-year career to take a pay cut to stay in Dallas with the Mavericks.

Yes Dirk will be taking a drastic $20 million a year pay cut to stay in Dallas. Two years for a total of $10 million. Granted that is still about $9 million more than most will earn in an entire lifetime. The argument some will bring up is the fact Kevin Durant took a “pay cut” to stay in Golden State for the next two seasons.

Let me clear something up here:

Durant took the easy way out in joining a loaded team and because of his success he decided to “only” get a $20 million plus per year pay day over the next two seasons. Poor Kevin. What a model athlete . . .

Loyalty is something lost upon so many players in all sports. It isn’t always just about the money. Nowitzki may have taken a pay cut but it wasn’t because of the fact Dirk made so much in his career. It’s because he wants to try and win one more title for the franchise that stood by him even when he struggled early in his career. The fans in Dallas always cheered and Dirk never forgot that.

Playing for one team your entire career is even rarer than not drying up the money well. The days of the Tim Duncan’s, Chipper Jones’, Derek Jeter’s and Dan Marino’s are pretty much over. We still have our Tony Parker’s, Tom Brady’s and David Wright’s, but the window is closing.

Loyalty takes a back seat to money. Loyalty takes a back seat to selfishness.

Of current athletes outside of maybe Russell Westbrook, Andrew Luck and Stephen Curry (still not a great example due to team’s success), who of the high marquee athletes in any sport would actually remain with their team through thick and thin?

Very few if any at all.

Dirk, I salute you for being such a great role model for so many athletes in every sport.


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