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Dynamite Kid Passes Away

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Tom Billington, better known by his in-ring name of Dynamite Kid, passed away on his birthday Wednesday morning at the age of 60.

Dynamite Kid is one of the names many from out of the United States bring up when they speak of influential in-ring performers who inspired them to become a professional wrestler. Just take a look at a few tweets from past and present day superstars discussing Dynamite’s impact:


Dynamite had many legendary feuds overseas. His battles with Tiger Mask in Japan and even with WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart during his time in Stampede Wrestling in Canada put Dynamite on the map due to his innovative style for his size. His matches were captivating. The execution of his moves were ever so flawless and could always tell a story in the ring. In the early 80’s before he set his sights for the World Wrestling Federation, a wrestler like him did not truly exist. At only 5’8 but an impsoing physique, he moved around the ring better than anyone and had extraordinary power. Someone like him had never existed prior.

Fast forward to his time in the WWF. Not many know that his first WWF televised match featured him teaming with Bret Hart in 1984. Just a little fun fact.

Alongside partner and real-life cousin Davey Boy Smith, they became a tag team known as The British Bulldogs and became instant fan favorites. Often managed by their bulldog Matilda, fans roared every time they hit the ring draped in their British flag.  Their popularity translated into a huge tag team match in April of 1986 at WrestleMania II, in which The British Bulldogs defeated The Dream Team (Brutus Beefcake and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine) to become the WWF Tag Team Champions. They became the flag bearers for the company as the top tag team. It was well deserved because of their in-ring chemistry and their connection to the audience. Everyone loved them.

Later that year, Dynamite’s career took a dramatic turn for the worst.

In December of 1986, Dynamite suffered a career altering back injury that became the beginning of the end for him. It displayed his unwillingness to do business when Vince McMahon asked him for his tag title back while recovering from back surgery in a hospital bed. Kid only wanted to drop his tag title to the Hart Foundation and he had to be there for it.

This wasn’t the only time Dynamite would not cooperate behind the scenes, as he would get into scuffles with different talent, most famously would be Jacque Rougeau. Dynamite was known as a legit tough guy and would act that way to everyone and anyone. Rougeau took exception and the two would get into skirmishes on the regular. One day, Rougeau sucker punched Dynamite with a roll of quarters in his fist and Dynamite never acted the same again. It was as if he completely changed following that incident. Bruce Prichard talks about the incident in his famous “Morning Deuce With Bruce Segment” and it goes into much further detail. I recommend everyone to watch and give a listen.

Dynamite left the company in 1988 and proceeded to return to his roots. He competed in Stampede Wrestling and all over Japan up until his retirement in 1996.

Health problems followed Dynamite up until his death, as he suffered from multiple seizures, heart problems and paralysis in left leg just to name a few things he had been dealing with post retirement.

Dynamite will forever be remembered as one of the most influential wrestlers of his time. Rest in Peace, Dynamite.


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