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Options. That’s the one thing whether you’re a first grader or CEO of a major company you want. Some of the greatest film and tv monologues discuss options. Now outside of the mundane options of every day life; to get to the really sweet ones you have to be “tested in the forests”. That’s the ground that  “THE UNDERGROUND KING”EDDIE ALVAREZ now finds himself standing on.

During the course of his last contract; from one side or both, there was the decision to “let it ride”. The 34 year old Philly native is at the crossroads. He’s been strapping on the gloves for 15 years, and it’s a safe bet there’s way less than another 15 in him. On the DANIEL CORMIER clock he’d have another 6 years. In fairness one could see 4-5 years if he plays the cards right. DANA WHITE said some interesting things about Eddie if you read between the lines. Would the UFC be better with him? Sure. Can they survive without him? Yea. The question is; WILL they resign him? That’s a tough one to answer, but doubtful is the one that keeps coming up on the weegie board. Although; if the WME/IMG powers that be are paying attention to their “toys” one final 5 fight contract shouldn’t be pooh-poohed. With a gauntlet of FERGUSON, LEE, IAQUINTA, DIAZ, and BARBOZA staring him in the face.

But if not an end to a career in the UFC; what path would be best? One that many may snicker at; but financially will have arguably the best outcome for Eddie. Frankly; that’s something “fans” have to understand. It comes down to what’s best for the athlete’s family:

STEP 1: Spend the next 41/2 months totally recharging batteries. Nothing wrong with getting 100% healthy and playing the role of “Mr. Mom”.

STEP 2: The day after the PFL wraps up their season, sign with them. Having a $1 million dollar payday with consistent fights through the year is a sweet goal. Not to say the PFL is a bunch of “curtain jerkers” and “jobbers”; but Alvarez could tear right through their lightweight division. With the addition of a “KAYLA HARRISION” division next year; the duo could be the “BONNIE AND CLYDE” of the company.

STEP 3: Overseas. The market at RIZIN and 1 CHAMPIONSHIP is a lot better than it is here State side. And they like to throw money around. Both spots he could easily go on a run like he had back in the early days. Is there another run in him of 10 fights with 8 1st round finishes to end a career? In PFL, RIZIN, and 1; like the line in the movie “Angel’s in the Outfield”; “it could happen”.

Obviously the elephant in the room is SCOTT COKER and BELLATOR. Coker said on “The MMA Hour with Luke Thomas”; of course they’d be interested. You can throw a dart and land on someone that would be a great match-up for him there. While many see that the landing spot; there’s lukewarm feelings between the parties. Sure Scott is the anti-Dana, and the relationship still seems to be good between Coker and Eddie. The question is how is the one between Eddie and the Bellator powers that be. Has time healed the scar tissues from old wounds.

So like it is said at the fairgrounds; “round and round he goes, where he stop’s nobody knows”. Except Eddie; one would imagine by know.


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