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On what capped an interesting UFC 216 card in Las Vegas, for multiple reasons EL CUCUYTONY FERGUSON; finally realized his dream of wearing UFC gold. He did so by defeating the brash 25 year old “THE MOTOWN PHENOM”KEVIN LEE. Lee who post fight presser was asked about an unpublicized staph infection; and went through a hellish weight cut of 19 pounds in less than 21 hours; then needed an extra hour to lose another pound, did all he could vs Tony. Ferguson who’s known for his sick cardio knew he’d have to withstand the wave of power early from Lee. That’s exactly what happened. After round 1 it seemed the now bigger Lee was in charge especially since the round finished with Kevin landing serious punches. Lee continued to land shots into the second; but Tony was landing from every angle possible and those were having more of an effect as Kevin started breathing deeper and slowing down. Lee landed a takedown but actually ended up getting the worse end of it as Tony blasted him with elbows from the bottom, opening a cut on The Phenom. Tony had attempted an arm bar but transitioned into an incredibly tight triangle. The pressure was too much for Kevin as he wound up tapping 4:02 into round 3.

In the cage Tony then went over and told his bitter rival of the past 2 months to keep his head up. Then wasted no time sending a message to the actual champion CONOR MCGREGOR.

If that in fact is the match up Conor takes; it sets up some issues for the Irishman. His well….”notorious” issue of gassing out early, as opposed to Tony’s cardio that can go for days. Conor gets an edge in power. Tony thanks to one of the most innovative strategy coaches; EDDIE BRAVO; has him honed in at throwing strikes and looking for submissions from every angle possible. Of course Conor has presently 11 people that have called him out to fight, so he could frustrate Ferguson by making him wait. Then again that’s the fight that DANA WHITE; at least tonight said makes the most sense.

It was Tony’s 9th submission win and he’s now riding a 10 fight win streak.



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